Jake Ellwood

  • The Swingers Next Door by Jake Ellwood

    0 out of 5

    When you move into a new neighborhood, you hope it’s safe, you hope it’s well maintained, and you hope the neighbors are friendly. Tessa and Rob’s new home is on a safe and well maintained street, and the neighbors appear friendly. Perhaps a bit too friendly. Invited to a ‘get to know everyone’ party, they find out just how intimately the neighbors want to know them.

    The get together turns out to be a swingers party and Rob and Tessa are the ones the neighbors want to get to know. The only question now is how much Rob and Tessa want to get to know the neighbors and will their relationship survive the knowledge.

  • Swingers Resort: Girls Night Out by Jake Ellwood

    0 out of 5

    When Shelly’s husband couldn’t make it to the Halloween costume party at the swingers resort, she invited her friend, Kate, to go instead. Kate had never been to the swingers resort, but really needed to go out and let loose. She figured a costume party was just the thing to get back into the swing of things. What she didn’t figure who she might be swinging with.

    Kate’s husband had passed away nearly one year ago and Kate had been acting like a hermit ever since. She didn’t go out with friends, she didn’t go out with coworkers, she didn’t go out at all. She needed to start socializing again and the Halloween costume party was just the social event she needed. Costumes let you conceal who you are and be who you want to be. Just be careful who you think is in the costume.

  • Swingers Club II: There’s Someone For Everyone by Jake Ellwood

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    Word has spread about the new club in town and Sue invited Pat to check it out with her and her husband. Pat wanted to see what it was all about, having never been to a swinger’s club, but didn’t know how her staid and uptight husband would react. She brought him to the club anyway, but didn’t reveal to him what kind of club it was.

    Even though both couples were newbies to the club, Sue and her husband hooked up almost immediately with another couple leaving Pat and her husband, Ed, languishing at the bar. When the opportunity for them to hook up came along, Pat and Ed have a revealing realization as to the status of their relationship. Their marriage will never be the same.

  • Swingers Luau by Jake Ellwood

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    Having been cooped up at home for almost a year, Kelly and Zack buy a motorhome to go camping like their friends have done all during lockdown. Unfortunately, they did not know that the campgrounds their friends went to were clothing-optional, adult only campgrounds where swingers meet and hang out. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for them to find out and fit right in.

    Kelly has a bisexual, lesbian experience she never knew she would enjoy and Zack sleeps with a woman who is completely unlike his wife and a type he never knew he desired. The experience leaves them reassessing what they thought their marriage was and will be based on.

  • Swingers Inn by Jake Ellwood

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    Kelly was willing to try anything to put the spark back into her marriage. Her hairdresser suggested a romantic getaway at a secluded bed and breakfast. Hoping that it would be the answer to her romantic malaise, she booked a week stay. It turned out to be the answer. Unfortunately, it was the answer to the wrong question.

    Kelly didn’t tell her husband just how secluded the inn was, knowing he would never have agreed to go if he knew. The problem was that she didn’t know it was an inn for swingers and they would be stuck there for at least four days with no way to leave. They will have to reassess their relationship and even their outlook on life before they can go home.

  • Swingers Club Christmas by Jake Ellwood

    0 out of 5

    Jackie shed fifty-five pounds, her old wardrobe, a twelve-year-old car, and her lazy-ass husband. Now she’s ready to gain a new lifestyle. Her friend, Erin, who hasn’t seen her in months stopped in at her workplace and couldn’t believe the change, especially when she confides her desire to explore being a player like Erin and her husband are.

    Hearing about Erin and Robert’s exploits over the years, she was intrigued and had always wanted to try swapping partners, but being overweight she was both insecure and unwilling to expose herself. Besides, her drunken husband could rarely get it up to have sex with her, let alone had the desire to satisfy another woman, even when he wasn’t passed out.

    Now she had the opportunity, desire, and the body to try a new lifestyle that had been out-of-reach and off-limits previously.

  • Swap Meet at the Swingers Resort by Jake Ellwood

    0 out of 5

    Sherry and Rick’s marriage is not what it used to be. The spark, the romance, and the closeness of their relationship was gone. Sherry decided that some time away could help and she told Rick they were going away with friends for the weekend to a ‘swap meet’. What she didn’t tell him was the ‘swap meet’ was at a swingers resort.

    Sherry’s friend, Liz, and her husband had the same problem and going to the resort helped them. Liz, suggested they join her and her husband at the resort. Sherry agreed but knew Rick would never go to the resort for no reason so she told him they were going to a ‘swap meet’. It wasn’t an outright lie, but it did get him to the resort.

  • He Gets In Her Pantry by Jake Ellwood

    0 out of 5

    Lee is slim, pretty, and the pantry chef in a small seaside restaurant. Recently breaking-up with her long-time boyfriend, she was unattached, but not necessarily looking for a relationship. Scott’s new work schedule coincides with Lee’s. When they weren’t working together, there was a sexual attraction between them. Now they’re working together, the stove’s not the only thing heating up in the kitchen.

    After a spontaneous tryst at work, Lee and Scott meet to figure out how they are going to handle what had happened between them at work, only to jump back into bed for more of the best sex of their lives. It was obvious they weren’t going back to a casual coworker relationship. How could they after a night like that? The kitchen was never going to be the same again.

  • A Swingers Halloween by Jake Ellwood

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    Patty’s coworker, Lynn, has a party almost every weekend and has invited Patty and her husband to each one. But Patty has thus far refused to attend because of the tales Lynn tells about the goings-on at her parties. But this time, Patty relents and agrees to attend, reasoning that nothing inappropriate would go on at a Halloween costume party. Her reasoning turns out to be faulty.

    After convincing her reluctant husband, Rod, to go, she finds out that bobbing for apples is a completely different game at Lynn’s party. In fact, all the games are not what she expects and will test her and Rod’s marriage like it has never been tested before.

  • A Good Girl Has A Kinky Night by Jake Ellwood

    0 out of 5

    Vicky’s day was quickly turning crummy. Her water heater broke, flooding the apartment and leaving her with no running water. She was behind on the reports at her job and had to work late, again. Just when the day was at its lowest point, he walked in the door. A vision from Vicky’s fantasies, the perfect man, a Greek god.

    Vicky never had a one-nighter before, but this day had been so awful, and he was so perfect, she couldn’t stop herself. She practically threw herself at him and he responded as you would expect; they went to his place.

    It was the best sex of her life. He did things to her she had never done before and made her feel things no man had ever been able to make her feel. The tryst made her forget all her problems. It would have been the right thing to do, if he had been the right man to do it with.