J.S. Harper

  • Riding Bareback by J.S. Harper

    0 out of 5

    After breaking up with her boyfriend Andrea is readying to move on. A chance meeting with an old friend sets Andrea down a dangerous path of sex, bad boys and their motorcycles. Eric is polite, enticing and knows what he wants. Will his charm win Andrea over? Will Eric’s current situation hinder things? Andrea is a nice girl but will she be lead astray and get involved in things that nice girls should not be involved in?

    Book 1, Riding bareback from the Ride Hard Series is sure to take the reader on a wild ride.

    Part 1 – Available Now – Riding Bareback

    Part 2 – Available Now – Riding Hard

    Part 3 – Available Now – Riding Fast

  • Catch Fire – (Part 1 – Burning Hearts Series) by J.S. Harper

    0 out of 5

    Smoldering hot action! Amanda wasn’t looking for a boyfriend but when she meets a fireman named Shawn could all that be about to change? Does he have the potential to just change her mind? But what is he trying to tell her? Does Shawn have a secret and if so why can’t he tell Amanda?

    Gripping hot fire that you will not put down!

    Yes of course it contains steamy sex scenes

    Part 1 – Catch Fire by J.S. Harper available now

    Part 2 – Burning Desire by J.S. Harper available now

    Part 3 – Ignited Passion by J.S. Harper available now