J. Paul Roe

  • Boiler: The Secession War Saga – Volume One by J. Paul Roe

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    A Rousing Historical Fantasy Adventure! America is torn by the Secession War. The Union and the Confederacy wrestle for dominance with advanced technology wrought from secret collusion with European powers. Now, airship engineer Ettie Glass is faced with the opportunity to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, a questionable and mysterious leader who has pushed the United States to the brink of ruin. On the eve of the Confederacy’s reluctant decision to emancipate their slave population to garner open support from the British Empire, a series of catastrophic attacks reveal that arcane forces are at work. Mary Todd Lincoln’s unusual fits are seen by many as the ravings of a mad woman…until her bodyguard and former lover Henry Ward sees a prophetic pattern to her madness. She’s foretold the destruction of America…the North and South will burn in the wake of powerful shamanic vengeance. Will Ettie survive as the North and South fall into chaos? Begin the adventure with Volume One!

    If you’re a fan of high adventure and fantasy and you’ve grown tired of elves and orcs, BOILER will deliver your fix!