J. Kilburn

  • Before by J. Kilburn

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    Think again! BEFORE both celebrates and indicts the sweet and sordid in small-town, everyday life. This Crime Fiction and Coming-of-Age mashup by J. Kilburn will leave you howling… while the questions and answers posed by this New Adult novel will have you re-examining the sunny streets and wildflower-filled lanes of your own neighborhood. BEFORE is a fun and edgy novel that follows the adventures and misadventures of Just Regular Kids as they come of age in a pastoral and peaceful college town. Buckle your seatbelts – all may not be as it seems. Events in a far-away Organized Crime empire lurk in the background as these teenagers take their first steps into adulthood. Adventurous readers will discover that two Sweet Sixteens have a lot more in common with hardened criminals than you – or they – might realize. Surprises are in store for everyone! 500 pages of Coming-of-Age and Crime Fiction set in New England.