J.D. Foxx

  • Touch of Heat: A Three-Part Erotic Suspense Serial by J.D. Foxx

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    Some guys sell stocks and bonds. Or cars and real estate.

    I sell three things: My time. My body. And my cock.

    I work for an exclusive escort agency in Los Angeles. The clients are wealthy women—single, married, divorced, lonely, lucky, sad and sultry. They’re all ages, from every part of the city, with every type of desire. Most importantly, they’re also ready, willing and able to pay $5,000 for safe, satisfying sex with no strings attached.

    To the clients, it’s a fantasy come true. To me, it’s just a job. And I’ve got a plan. I’ve given myself five years to work hard, fuck hard and invest well. And then, when my mother and sister are set for life, I’m walking away from the grind to open a boxing club at the beach. I’ll be thirty at that point. And with just five years to go, my plan is working perfectly.

    Until I meet Isabella. And then, with one smile, one choice and one twist of fate—everything changes.

    Touch of Heat is a three-part erotic suspense serial.