J.C. Boddington

  • Certified Taboo by J.C. Boddington

    0 out of 5

    Valentina Richards suffers from an unfortunate affliction: best friend’s dad syndrome. No matter how desperately she tries, she can’t stop thinking about her best friend’s father, Mr Hall. In her defence, he’s not like most dads.

    Tall, sexy and rugged, Lucas is the epitome of a DILF. He’s sexual kryptonite to Val, who isn’t prepared to jeopardise her friendship with best friend Mandy for a forbidden night of passion, no matter how hot and dirty the sex might be.

    For two years, Lucas has pussyfooted around Val, his darling daughter’s delectable best friend. Not wanting to ruin Mandy and Val’s friendship, he’s settled for incessant flirting with Val, and the odd grope here and there, but nothing more.

    However, when Val is suddenly living under his roof and strutting around in tight, revealing outfits, Lucas can’t resist the sexy siren’s come-hither looks, nor the way her thick lips curve into a sinful smile whenever she sees him.

    By the end of Val’s stay, Lucas intends to be fully acquainted with every inch of her young, hot, voluptuous body.

    What his darling daughter Mandy doesn’t know won’t hurt her… right?