Isabelle Livingstone

  • How To Give A Blow Job by Isabelle Livingstone

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    Love is a battlefield. Get your ammunition here.

    “…If you are just starting out, this guide can give you all the details you need to give good head (mind-blowing head)! If you already think you know most of it, this last section on how to deep throat might surprise you!”

    –Liliane Bird Erotica Review

    “What most women find a taboo topic and unworthy to discuss out in the open, Livingstone tackles with panache and style…If you think there is nothing to talk about when it comes to giving head, you couldn’t be more wrong. Knowledge is power and in this case, you end up having both!”

    – Hanna Banks, Writer and Reviewer

    Giving Good Head- Do you have the Guts to Gear up!?

    Then you’ve hit the jackpot.

    Oral sex. Love it, hate it, or confused by it. Either way you

    have to admit, mastering it may just give you domain over the world…or your world anyway!

    Whether you are a novice or a BJ Queen: How to Give a Blow Job will answer all the questions

    you’ve ever had or give the inspiration you need to ignite the flame again!

    How to Give a Blow Job covers the following aspects of oral sex:

    The “12 Most Common Questions About BJs”

    Eye-opening true psychological reasons why men love blow jobs

    The nuts and bolts of fellatio and men’s anatomy

    The location of the ever-elusive male “G spot”!

    Specific techniques and positions from beginner to nobility status- that you will not find elsewhere

    Fun and amazing oral sex positions

    Performance anxiety: yours and his – and how to help.

    AND added bonus that will reveal all the sensational secrets of the pros on how to deep throat.

    Once you master these techniques- there will be no desire you can not fulfill!

    There will be no questions of how to please your man in bed.

    Its the ultimate answers to any of your ‘how to have oral sex’ questions.

    And, it is far above anything you’ve ever been taught on how to deep throat.

    Its basically the bible and stuff.

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