• My Husband’s Secret by Jenna van Berke

    0 out of 5

    How much do you know about your husband’s past?

    Journey Taylor is only twenty-seven when her beloved husband dies of cancer. But before he dies he has a confession to make: During his time in the army, when he was stationed in Germany, he did something he’s has never told her about – and never will. Instead, he asks her to travel to Heidelberg and meet his old acquaintance Richard to lift the long kept secret.
    Trying to cope with grief and loss, anxiety about the mysterious secret and her new life as a single mom, Journey has her hands full. A year later, she finally set’s out to fulfill her late husband’s last wish, and meets Richard, a handsome and wealthy businessman. But nothing could have prepared her for what she uncovers, nor for the feelings Richards arouses in her…

    A Hippie meets Businessman Romance set in picturesque Heidelberg

    ***This is a sensual Single Parent Novella with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.***

  • Flames of the Desert by Sarah Westin

    0 out of 5

    Kate Woods is a simple girl from the farmlands of Texas who has never been overseas before, much less anywhere else. When she gets the job offer of a lifetime right after graduating college, she has to pinch herself to make sure she’s not dreaming. How can she pass up the opportunity to travel to a mysterious, exotic city in the middle of the Arabian Desert?

    When Kate steps off the plane in the Middle East it’s a culture shock and she has to learn to adapt to an exotic, rich and lavish lifestyle’s she’s not used to back in Texas. As she’s learning the ropes at her new job she meets a dark, mysterious and handsome man named Alejandro.

    Why is he so interested in her, a vanilla girl from the south, from thousands of miles away?

    As Kate and Alejandro grow closer, Kate discovers that this wealthy sexy city has some dark, probing secrets that threaten to escape.

  • Stealing Emma by M.C. Roman

    0 out of 5

    Emma Blake is ready for a change from her monotonous life in Los Angeles. So when her boyfriend Roy suggests they go to grad school abroad in Spain, she’s all for the adventure. New city, new life, new friends. What could possibly go wrong?

    Max Durant is excited to be back home in Madrid and take a much needed break from his hectic life in London. He was looking forward to a new challenge in school…until it materializes in the feistiest girl he ever met on a basketball court. There’s something about her that simply makes his blood boil and he becomes instantly hooked. But then his world comes to a screeching halt when he realizes she’s already taken.

    Despite the obvious warning signs and potential disaster, Emma and Max become close friends when they’re forced together as partners in the same study group. When the lines start to blur and things begin to unravel, Emma must decide if she should hold on to her past…or take a risk in her future.