international mystery

  • TRUE AZUL by Zoe Delambre

    0 out of 5

    From heartbreak and terror to true love, Texan-turned-New Yorker Sarita Salt’s life has become a living fairy tale. Vicente’s privileged life in the Bordeaux wine country is a welcomed refuge from her fear of being stalked by a killer. At least until people around her start dying and it becomes clear she is still a target. But she’s had enough. Whoever it is clearly has no idea who he’s dealing with. It’s time to kick off the Louboutins and show him.

    The fact that the love of her life may actually be a spy is just another wrinkle to iron out along the way, when there’s time.

    This fast-paced romantic comedy is filled with mystery, intrigue, suspense, and wise-cracking women with guns. Texas women. Women who know how to use them.

    (Novelette-length short, stand-alone book, part of the Salt Tales series. 90-minute read.)