• Plowed and Planted by the Shemale

    0 out of 5

    Laura desperately wants to have a baby, but without a boyfriend her chances of getting pregnant are nonexistent. Only Michelle, a trainer at the fitness center she visits, sees Laura's emptiness.

    The sleek and fit Michelle has an unexpected solution to Laura's problem, a big solution that she will gladly wield – hard, without protection, and right there in the locker room – to fill Laura completely and give her the baby she wants.

  • Cuckolded by the Hotwife Dominatrix by Crystal Archer

    0 out of 5

    Dominatrix Ashley gets what she wants…

    Ashley and her submissive husband Tim have been unsuccessful trying to conceive for years. And the stress of returning to school hasn’t helped. Ashley refuses to take it lying down, and fate has been a cruel mistress.

    With a group project due in the morning, hotwife Ashley’s two college athlete partners come over to finish the job.

    But she has a plan to take control of her pleasure and fulfill her desires, even if her husband is bound and humiliated in the process.

  • Captured by You by Rowena

    0 out of 5

    No man has been able to capture young, ebony hottie Gina’s imagination the way her hunky, blue-eyed military best friend, Jake, has.

    Jake has had no chance to lock down a long-term relationship himself, but he has plenty of time to think about his beautiful buddy and what he wants to do to her while he’s away at war.

    Neither of them think the other sees them as more than a friend, but this time, as Jake heads home from deployment, he plans to show Gina not only how much he has missed her, but how much more than a friend she’s about to become once he gives it to her hard and without protection.