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  • Cathouse Photographer by Charles Frankhauser

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    In Paris, France prior to WWI, a cook in a brothel and a ballerina fall in love. They shack-up in an abandoned bus with members of the LGBT community. The group moves into an apartment where they develop a Glass Doorknob Peephole Camera that revolutionizes the French Postcard industry.

  • A Brush With Fame by Melinda Hazen

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    What if by chance you met a famous person? And he wants you.

    Makeup artist Rafaella Hamilton accepts a one-day sub position on a Hollywood movie set. When a stranger returns a pen she drops, she doesn’t realize she’s met and mistaken for a member of the crew the lead of the movie, British heartthrob Evan Hutchinson.

    As the pair continue to see each throughout the day, Evan finds himself increasingly intrigued. Rafaella’s pretty, likable, and has made him laugh. And now he wants to know more. But she won’t be back tomorrow—unless Evan can make sure she will.

    An unusual job offer is extended to Rafaella to finish out the film as Evan’s personal makeup artist. The opportunity promises to provide much alone time for the two to become acquainted. Rafaella sees Evan as charming, personable, and funny—unlike most actors she’s come across—and now, apparently interested in her. Is there hope for love and a happily ever after in Evan’s A-list world?

    Their love story is sweet but entails drama beyond what the couple can foresee.

  • A Sucker for Heels by Mary Kipps

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    As a Moravian vampire forced to attack in the nude, Victor frequently finds his intentions misperceived and his attempts to acquire nourishment bloodless. But his plight is no longer a blank page. With the eBook release of his misadventures in America – 27 works of flash fiction, though from Victor’s point of view there is little fiction involved and any flashing was not intentional – he has acquired certain repute. Now, author Mary Kipps reveals what happens to him next in this sequel of witty vignettes. Victor does not want the only recording of his existence to be All in Vein.

  • All in Vein by Mary Kipps

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    Victor has been a vampire for centuries but he is finding it increasingly difficult to stay well fed. The brazen nature of today’s prey is only part of his problem. Moravian vampire lore requires he attack in the nude. And now his nighttime stalking has caught the attention of a strange and arresting undercover policewoman.

    The misadventures of Victor in 21st century America form the stuff of this witty series of vignettes.

  • Camping Swap, Book 1: A College Swinger Romance by Bart Tracer

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    Now that finals are over, Mike is looking forward to his upcoming camping trip with his beautiful girlfriend, Molly. As an added bonus, his best friend Jake will be joining them, along with his bubbly blonde girlfriend, Jessica. Typical, red-blooded college guys, they fully intend to make up for lost time with the two sexy coeds. What the two young hunks don’t know is that Molly and Jessica have a plan all their own. What starts out as a playful game of strip poker quickly turns into something else entirely…

  • Blaze (Naughty Neighbors 1) by Olivia Aycock

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    Event planner Laurie Maxwell has a contingency plan for every situation—except the one that leaves her hanging half-naked from her second-story window when her personal pleasure device vibrates its way to the feet of her very sexy downstairs tenant.

    Warning: The mercury isn’t the only thing rising when a heat wave moves through this southern city. This erotic romance includes two naughty neighbors who, with the help of a vibrator and their feverish fantasies, dial up the sexy to level blaze.

  • Sarah’s New Me #1: Heavy-footed Girl by Dusty Rae Baer

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    One day on the spur of the moment, I bought a lottery ticket and became a millionaire. It was only then that my boyfriend of three years suddenly became interested in marriage. I began to examine my life and realized that it had become routine and boring. I needed to reinvent myself so I dumped Tom and was literally speeding away when I got pulled over by a cop. Who could have known that that stop would put me on the path to a new me.

    Don’t miss the next parts of Sarah’s New Me story: Sarah’s New Me 2: Tahoe Blue and Sarah’s New Me 3: Where Do We Go

    **This is an explicit, erotic novella for adults only! **Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language, and adult situations.

  • Artfully Yours by Nageeba Davis

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    The romance is hotter than ever…the mystery packed with unexpected turns!

    She’s at it again! More romantic suspense with the irrepressible, irreverent Maggie Kean!

    She’s back!

    Maggie Kean life is turning upside down. First, there’s her ongoing relationship with the sexy detective, the man who drives her crazy outside of the bedroom and, well, equally as crazy inside the bedroom. Maggie knows that her feelings for Sam Villari have grown way past anything she’s ever experienced before, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting it.

    Then there’s the ongoing struggle with her father, a man who abandoned her emotionally the day her mother died. But now, years later, he’s reaching out to Maggie, hoping she can forgive him–hoping it’s not too late to get past the hurt and anger to rebuild their bond as father and daughter.

    And then there’s the mystery of Kelly Martin, a budding young artist Maggie has taken under her wing. But one night, Kelly’s running scared and it’s up to Maggie, amateur sleuth that she is, to find out what has happened and who is out to hurt her.

    It’s a Maggie, mis-adventure at its best–humor, romance, suspense, laughter and tears–all rolled up in one memorable package!

    Grab your copy of Artfully Yours–the third book in the Maggie Kean Mis-Adventure series!