• Loving Cuckold: Dominant Bull for Her Birthday by Darius Night

    0 out of 5

    Sarah expected her locked, submissive husband to treat her with a mind-blowing birthday present. But what she got exceeded even her wildest dreams.

    Sarah and Michael had been living in a loving femdom relationship for a long time. She held the key to his chastity belt and he worshiped her every chance he got. They had dabbled with cuckolding but something was still missing.

    Sarah didn’t want just a new lover. She wanted to be taken and used by a strong, dominant bull. She wanted to be made to submit to an alpha male who knew how to lead and bend her to his will.

    Sean was exactly what they had been looking for—an assertive dom with experience from cuckold couples. There was only one problem. Sean wanted full authority over them both.

    How far was Michael ready to go to treat his mistress? Deep down, he knew this was what Sarah yearned for. If he wanted to make his wife’s fantasy come true, he would have to let Sean take charge and put him on his knees.

  • Commando in Chief: The Making of a Hotwife by Jolley Sparks

    0 out of 5

    This novella tells about the path of Angela Dorian, 44, from a respectable good wife and mother to an exhibitionist hotwife. A good wife to a wealthy businessman, a caring mother to two college sons, Angela is well-educated and rich. She has broad interests: she reads everything and anything, on art, history, society, literature, romance. She doesn’t have a regular job, doesn’t need to: hubby does, and she has a couple of millions tucked away in a personal bank account. But her life isn’t boring. She writes short stories, draws, works out at the gym and does yoga. She is also, in her own words, “very, very beautiful.” Dark hair; big hazel eyes; smooth olive skin thanks to her Mediterranean ancestors; long legs and a round behind, which she keeps in great shape with with exercise; large breasts that are pretty firm for their size, with large and dark red areolas. In the gym or during yoga, most guys have a hard time peeling their eyes off her curves. She enjoys the attention but behaves. Her marriage is OK. Hubby is a good, upright man: goes to church, visits the community gatherings, works hard, doesn’t look at other women. The problem is, he doesn’t look much at her either. He is 60, sixteen years older, maybe that’s why. But he also doesn’t have an ounce of imagination. No kinks, no innovations. Angela is usually on her back, legs spread, he on top. No oral sex. Good girls don’t suck dick, and respectable men don’t eat pussy. The worst thing is — he is her first and only, thanks to her conservative upbringing. To cope with her boring sex life, Angela fantasizes and masturbates, but you can only enjoy it this much. It all changes one day when hubby goes on a five-day business trip. Angela contemplates the passing of time and the possibilities her beautiful body could open for her. But she is ashamed and won’t dare. Until the day her hubby calls and treats her like a total asshole. Resentment and anger — and the long-suppressed desire to display her beautiful body, to be admired, to be made love to — pushes her on a path to become more and more daring. She starts by going to the gym in very tight and revealing clothes, then flirting with a guy there; going for a walk with no panties on, then “accidentally” flashing a guy at the coffee shop, then masturbating in her car in the middle of a parking lot; then going for a run wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a sports bra that leave her curves totally exposed. Finally, she gives a nude cam-show to a total stranger she met online in a chatroom, who is half her age. Angela still hasn’t crossed a line though. She has been naughty, yes, but hasn’t allowed a man to touch her. Yet. After hubby offends her feelings even more, she decides to take revenge. In her own words, she decides to turn his wife “into the promiscuous slut that he deserves.” She drives to the town where her online lover lives and invites him to her hotel room. They make mad love, but this is only the beginning. A fun-filled, naughty, and sex-filled life awaits her.

  • Size Matters by Paul Garland

    0 out of 5

    The Cuckold Collection 1: Size Matters
    Amy and her husband Adam have a problem. A small problem, you might say; Adam’s smaller than average penis. Amy hasn’t ever been with anyone but Adam so she’s naive when it comes to the variance in men’s penis sizes, but when a twist of fate opens her eyes to bigger and better men, she and Adam have to come to terms with the fact that he can no longer satisfy her in the way she desires, and so a series of events begin to happen which will take them both on an erotic journey. Amy wants to reach new sexual heights and pleasures beyond anything she’s experienced before, but Adam’s route along this same adventure involves him having to accept his wife having sex with other men and he has to learn to deal with the humiliation and angst that comes with that.

    The Cuckold Collection is a new series of six books from author Paul Garland, that ventures into the sensuality and excitement of the cuckolding and hotwife lifestyles.

  • Permission Granted by Roxie Roth

    0 out of 5

    Dahlia and Sean’s marriage has never been stronger, and neither has their D/s relationship. Dahlia’s so in love that she can’t imagine ever being attracted to another man. Or so she thinks.

    After accidentally sending her hot new editor Max an embarrassing video of herself, Dahlia finds herself lost in a sea of confusion and desire, as Max pursues her. Things only get more confusing when her dominant husband lets one of his deepest, darkest secrets spill: he’s interested in sharing her with Max.

    What’s a wife to do when her husband has given his permission?

  • Annie Awakened, Volume 3: A Hotwife Adventure by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    Seeing is believing…
    From the moment his sweet wife Annie first succumbed to the advances of her boss, Jim has been dying to see them together. Despite her very juicy and detailed descriptions of her seduction and all her ensuing extramarital adventures, he knows that there’s nothing quite like experiencing something firsthand. The only catch is that her boss doesn’t know that he knows. But now, Jim has hatched a foolproof plan that he is certain will finally give the would-be voyeur what he wants more than anything – a front row seat for all the action.
    As much as the idea of having an audience excites her, Annie still has a few lingering doubts about letting her husband watch. Hearing about something and seeing it for yourself, she knows, are sometimes two totally different things. As a newly minted hotwife, she has begun to explore a dark and twisted side of herself that she’s still struggling to fully understand. Pulling back the curtain and putting that all on display for her husband is a terrifying thought – even if it does cause her pulse to race.
    Will Jim’s master plan work out like he hopes? And if it does, will he really enjoy it as much as he thinks? Or will Annie’s fears come true? Will her husband be shocked to the core by the things he sees?

  • Dawn of the Jungle Goddess: A Cuckold Odyssey by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    The jungle is about to get a whole lot hotter…

    Respected college professors, Julius Stevenson and his sexy young wife Natalia have a dream: to be the first scientists to mount an expedition to study the natives on the unexplored island of Molonga. But money doesn’t grow on trees. They had almost given up their dream when a mysterious conglomerate unexpectedly approves their funding.

    When unforeseen events leave them stranded in the jungle, Julius finds his beautiful wife impersonating the natives’ deity to save his life. But what seems like the perfect solution quickly turns into the stickiest of situations. The goddess she pretends to be is no ordinary immortal, but a vengeful cuckoldress, come to earth to get even with her philandering spouse.

    With their lives on the line, will Natalia be able to play the role that the Molongans expect of her? Or will the couple confess their deception in order to preserve their marriage vows? One thing is certain, their lives will never be the same again!

  • Giving Away My Bride: Kim Honeymoons With Another by Buck Hammer

    0 out of 5

    Kim and Kevin were happily married, but needed something to spice up their marriage.

    When Kim agreed to test the waters of her husband’s hotwife fantasies, she never expected to love it so much, and love cuckolding him with new men so much.

    And Kevin never expected to feel the sweet pain of giving her away to his boss, who has plans to give her a honeymoon baby. Will Kim commit the ultimate act of cuckoldry?

  • The School Reunion by Paul Garland

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to No Angels – the hottest new series of erotic novels based around those people who have a hidden, darker, more sexual side than anyone who knows them would ever believe. The women in No Angels, are just that – and our stories will show them embrace that side of themselves.
    THE SCHOOL REUNION: My wife and I have been married for ten years and I know everything there is to know about her. So when she gets an invite to a school reunion from an old school friend, I have no reason at all to stop her going. Do I? Imagine my surprise when I find out that she has a dark past that she’s kept hidden from these years, and as it unfolds, this new knowledge takes me on a journey to places I never thought I’d go…

    NO ANGELS novels include explicit sexual scenes with cheating, themes of cuckoldry, liberated and strong women, and the powerful partners and friends who love them.

  • Passion of the Jungle Goddess: A Cuckold Odyssey by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    He doesn’t want to watch, and yet he can’t look away…

    Professor Julius Stevenson has a problem. Several, to be exact. Not only is he being held prisoner in a native temple on the remote, uncharted island of Molonga, but he has also been replaced in his wife’s bed by an enormous native man named Boda. And if that weren’t bad enough, that bed is separated from his own by nothing more than an iron grate.

    Try as he might, the fledgling cuckold just can’t resist the urge to spy on the smoldering action next door, and the conflicting emotions he experiences shake his self-image to the core. Night after lonely night, he is treated to a front row seat as his enthusiastic, surprisingly adventurous wife sinks further and further into her role as the Molongans’ cuckolding goddess, Tara’ana, discovering proclivities of her own along the way.

    The couple’s journey of self-examination takes an unexpected turn when Natalia takes her husband to the village’s witch doctor for a checkup. There, a golden bauble from another time, an unbelievable tale, and a mysterious gift will change their lives forever.

    Will Julius be able to make peace with his own aberrant desires? Will Natalia halt her descent toward debauchery in time to salvage their marriage? And will they be able to unravel the mystery that seems to haunt this savage island? Find out in Book 3 of the Jungle Goddess Series.

  • Return of the Jungle Goddess: A Cuckold Odyssey by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    Sometimes, the unexpected discoveries have the deepest impact…

    Professor Julius Stevenson and his beautiful wife Natalia are stuck on the island of Molonga. As far as the amorous natives are concerned, the two are divine beings, come to earth to fulfill a centuries-old prophecy, in which the pale and sensual goddess makes a cuckold of her unfaithful husband.

    Now that they have impersonated the Molongan deities and broken their marriage vows, their continued existence hinges completely on their ability to keep up this ruse. Luckily for them, they discover to their mutual surprise that they actually both enjoy their new roles as cuckold and cuckoldress.

    Everything seems to be going well for the shameless couple until, on the eve of a sacred ceremony, Natalia uncovers a scroll that fills the pair with horror. There is another, far darker form of vengeance in store for the goddess’s husband. A fate of barbaric cruelty. Now, with time running out, they must find a way to save him from the vengeful natives before it’s too late.

    Will Natalia be able to convince the Molongans to spare her husband? Or will her pleas fall on deaf ears? Just how much is Julius willing to sacrifice to their newfound kink? And will their marriage survive the strain?