• Bound Tongue by Hunter Black

    0 out of 5

    Inspired by True Events, this dark revenge thriller with supernatural roots, is based on a curse that threatens the life of our female protagonist. A rural setting, on top of a mountain in Alaska, secluded, looking for help, she will go to any lengths to reverse the curse. The locals call it Ghoul Hill: a lonely finger or rock overlooking a remote place in Alaska. When caregiver Angela Dawson arrives here, Ms. Walters is living in her own feces, and the other workers won’t tell her why. She helps her, but soon after she receives a letter, warning her to stay away. When she ignores this, her voice starts to fail her. Now, she must move into a world of mysticism and magic, of blood and guts, to reclaim her voice, and her tongue, before it's too late.