Horney sale's woman

  • The Erotic Adventure by Ally Walsh

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    “Let’s go into the bedroom where we can be more comfortable,” I suggested. “I want to see those magnificent breasts of yours.

    A moment later we were in the bedroom and she unzipped her dress. She held it up until she’d completely unzipped it then let it fall to the floor. When she turned to face me, I almost shot-off at just the sight of her! Those huge breasts of hers hung halfway to her navel and were capped with coaster-sized areolas. Her strutted nipples were at least an inch long and the thickness of cocktail sausages. I moved to her and captured her right tit with my mouth. Using plenty of saliva, I coated her puckered areola with it as I gently massaged and milked her heavy gourd. I sucked her rigid nipple and teased it with my tongue as she pressed it to my mouth and reached to stroke my throbbing woody.

    “I’m so glad you’re a titty man,” she cooed. “I just love having my big old tits nursed. Suck them to your hearts content.”