• Color Our Second Honeymoon Erotic by Claudia Pulcher

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    Brand new! Now published for the first time, the story that 200,000 readers cheered-on as it posted chapter by chapter on Literotica.

    “Color Our Second Honeymoon Erotic may freak out some readers, at first,” wrote one critic, “because Claudia Pulcher pulls you into wild erotic scenes of agony and ecstasy (never just one). In the end, though, this is a great love story. Leslie and Guy O’Brien are rewarded for taking crazy risks–and for their courage in casting off sexual convention–with the sexiest second honeymoon on record.”

    And a reader wrote: “They do it! They do it as millions of men and women, finding themselves in once-wonderful sexual relationships that no longer make the heart race, have longed to do it: They face every fear, take every risk, to set loose their fantasies!”

    Again and again, as their erotic encounters become almost surreal, like The Story of O on steroids, they ask each other where this is taking them. But they do not, or cannot, stop because all of it—the exhibitionism, the bondage, the lust unsuspected in colleagues or students or strangers, the beautiful bodies twisted in pain and equally unbearable pleasure—becomes an addiction. An addiction to living life on a level of sensuality now never absent, a sensuality that with unexpected experience takes body and imagination higher.

    For the reader, Color Our Second Honeymoon Erotic is the same kind of journey as the arousal, anticipation, and sheer pace of living with Guy and Leslie and so many other red-hot characters mount chapter by chapter.

    All of it comes alive with Claudia Pulcher’s exquisitely sensual style, high-definition imagination, humor, and unfailing insight into love as well as lust.