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  • The Mourning Doll by K. J. Kay

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    Set against the backdrop of Victorian England, The Mourning Doll tells the love story between Sir Lincoln Bartholomew Rinehart and the mysterious and haunting, Lady Delphinia and his intertwining political career.

    As Lincoln is a man who has grown to become greatly dissatisfied with his life and despise the social class hierarchy in which he was born, he accepts an offer to join the newly formed political faction known as the Ashwoods and become the Minister of Gravesend but, he soon discovers that he is merely a pawn in a game played by powerful politicians.

    Amidst this tumultuous political and social climate, Lincoln is torn between the expectations of his family and society to marry the beautiful Lady Madeline Montague, his loyalty toward the poorer working classes of Britain and his love for the mysterious Lady Delphinia who harbours a frightening secret.