Historical Literary Fiction

  • Blackberry Road by Jodi Lea Stewart

    0 out of 5

    Biddy Woodson, one of twelve siblings in a sharecropper family living in 1934 Oklahoma, has learned how to sass and vinegar her way through life, even when it takes a bit of cussing to get through those hellish stacks of after-meal dishes.

    Trouble blows in one afternoon when a beloved neighbor is murdered. A single piece of evidence sends the sheriff into the nearby woods to arrest Mr. Leroy. Biddy knows that the kindly gentleman wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she’s convinced the sheriff looks down on sharecroppers and poor folk. She sets her jaw to see justice done for Mr. Leroy, but she finds herself up against more than she ever imagined.

    In that fateful summer of 1934, haunting and terrifying sounds coming from the woods lead Biddy into deeper mysteries, despair, and shocking truths. Help comes from an unlikely source, but can life ever be the same on BLACKBERRY ROAD?