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  • An Offer She Can’t Refuse Book 1 by Cindy Julian

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    There’s nothing, absolutely nothing more precious than family to Angelica Kimper, a kind, sweet yet resilient small town girl. And so, she’s devastated and beyond horrified when her dear cousin gets into trouble with the law. But after hearing that the huge debt her family owes the bank now threatens to take away their longstanding business, she’s even more distressed more torn as it was worst thing imaginable for her to painfully comprehend.
    The Kimper clan migrated to Italy when Angelica was young. While growing up in the quaint town of Fiorito, she and younger her cousin Kenny were repeatedly teased by the other kids because of their gypsy roots. Johnny Luciano, in particular, was worst among the finger pointing mockers and they regarded him the ‘ultimate bully’. The day Luciano family business struck gold and moved to Milan to live was happiest of her life.

    But the filthy rich, intimidating and arrogant magnate has now stepped foot back into his hometown. She is even more distraught after Johnny offers to buy the pastry shop for a price that would clear the Kimpers of their overflowing debt. Angelica would do anything to save her family the further agony of losing their business.
    So the multimillionaire makes her a different offer, he’ll spare only thing. For the memorizing woman who was once his biggest crush to share his bed for just one night. Johnny shocked to the bone to find out his beautiful Angelica is still a virgin, shocking indeed, but nothing near enough that would defer him from having the jewel he has always desired most. He might’ve failed in wooing her as a brawny teenage boy, but this time, she’ll be dealing with a red blooded man with power and prestige. And the Italian wants her that she never forgets him again and to regret ever repeatedly rejecting him.
    Despite her insufferable attraction to Johnny, Angelica is overwhelmed with distaste by such a lewd proposal she should never for the sake of self respect consider. Yet, while so much she holds precious is at stake Angelica has no other choice than to bargain herself to the man she hates and instinctively fears.
    She had one goal following her bold decision, bear a short night with the past bully and back to her normal life quickly after with her family livelihood secured. However, what was meant to only burden and left as meaningless turned out to be an experience of unimaginable pleasure and intrigue. One that leaves her wanting more and confused of her feelings towards him.