Heidi Cuda

  • A Wretch Like Me by Heidi Cuda and Marcia Fritz

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    The Beautiful And Shocking Story of Judy Ray Herzog

    With tear-stained cheeks, Judy watched her father—a charismatic grifter from a prominent Mormon family—beat her tiny mother into a shadow of a person. Her mother’s unhealthy obsession with her sex-addict husband would set a precedent for Judy’s choices.

    This Groundbreaking Work Leaves Readers Dancing On Teardrops

    A Wretch Like Me is a compelling survival story about a remarkable woman, the lengths she went to eat, the marriages and beatings she endured never to go hungry again. And how despite all the pain, she danced through it all.

    A Hard Story Told With Unflinching Realism

    A Wretch Like Me is being hailed internationally as the first book to delve into “hunger porn,” a genre author Heidi Cuda and co-author Marcia Fritz are credited with exposing by bridging the connection between hunger and sex.