• Owned by Zoey Oliver

    0 out of 5

    “Liane. You came, didn’t you?”

    My trembling should have made it obvious.
    But he had to twist my bliss into something humiliating.
    Stoking the fire inside me even more.
    Melting away anything that was left of Liane.
    Or Lia.
    Leaving only my need. My insatiable appetite.

    He’s taken my innocence
    And teased it, taunted it, caged it.
    Taken it to the depths of pain.
    And heights of pleasure.
    Until he owns every secret inch of me.

    Owned is a darker, OMYW romance novella with steamy scenes and a very happy HEA.

  • Married on the Oregon Trail by Bethany Hauck

    0 out of 5

    Kenny Johnson’s life takes a bad turn when his parents and fiance’ are killed in a wagon accident. As the oldest of five, he feels it’s his responsibility to take care of his younger siblings. With the threat of Civil War looming, he decides to leave Kentucky and take them with him west, on the Oregon Trail.
    Callie Fisher didn’t want to leave her home and friends in North Carolina, but her Mama and Papa left her no choice. She’ll go with them, but she’ll make sure they know how miserable and angry she is about their decision the whole way there.
    Kenny and Callie find they get along well and strike up a quick friendship on the trail. The two families find they travel well and enjoy spending time together, except when Callie is giving her parents a hard time. Kenny warns her repeatedly about her behavior. Callie isn’t too worried about his warnings, until she pushes him too far, and ends up over his knee and then married to him.
    Can the two get to know each other and turn a friendship into a loving marriage?

  • Claiming Ryder by Starr James

    0 out of 5

    Elle Davis, America’s pop princess, has a secret.

    She’s head over heels in love with her best friend, her confidant, her rock.

    Her stepbrother.

    Ryder Scott already has her heart and soul, but he won’t take her body until she claims him. To the general public. To her mass of adoring fans. To their families.

    He’s tired of hiding and sneaking around. He wants the world to know that she belongs to him.

    Luckily for him, she’s finally ready to make her grand move.

  • Finally, Our Forever by Elisa Leigh

    0 out of 5

    Reece has never regretted the tough choices he’s made, except for one.
    As second in command at Panthera Security, he has more than enough to keep him distracted from the memories of her and the life he should be living.
    He should have never pushed away the only woman he’s ever loved. With a hole that deep, no one has ever been able to fill it.
    When Reece finds out he can have everything he’s always wanted, he’ll stop at nothing to claim Maci Kate and her son as his.
    Maci Kate is focused on raising her son and dodging the ill attempts from her ex husband to get back together. The last thing she’s expecting is for the one that got away to come storming back into her life demanding her heart.
    Can Reece convince Maci Kate that they truly belong together after all this time? Will Maci’s ex ruin everything they’ve worked toward?

  • Her Brave Knight by Bethany Hauck

    0 out of 5

    Emelia Scott has been held captive by Stephen Thompson for a very long time, and she hates him. To get his hands on lands that her family owns, he informs her that in two days she’ll be joining him, first at the altar and then in his bed. She’s not sure what to do, but she knows she can’t marry the man that killed her family.
    Owen McCabe made a promise to free Emelia Scott from the Thompsons, and he intends to keep it. It takes him months of planning, but with the help of his friend, John, and Emelia’s maid, Kirstie, he’s finally able to locate her and help her escape.Nothing goes according to his plan, and Owen and Emelia are pursued, first across England and then Scotland, as Stephen Thompson tried to take back the woman he needs to complete his plan.
    Owen will do whatever it takes to keep Emelia safe, including marrying her at the anvil in Gretna Green. The two will get to know each other well as they travel to the Highlands, finding they have much in common. Emelia can’t wait to see her family again, and Owen is determined to make that happen. Being young and impulsive, she makes some bad decisions, leading to her being bent over her new husband’s knee.

    Although ‘The McCabe Books 1-6’ are stand-alone stories, I highly recommend reading book 5 “A Man of Honor” before reading book 6 “Her Brave Knight”. The stories in these two books complete one long tale. Many of the characters in this book have been introduced earlier in books 1-5.

  • A Man of Honor by Bethany Hauck

    0 out of 5

    Alastair McCabe is happy to finally be on his way back to Gleann after months of being away. He’s enjoying the journey until he comes across Mairi, a young, pregnant woman, as she is being robbed, and quickly puts an end to the crime. He doesn’t know what it is about this woman, but he feels an incredible need to protect her and the bairn she carries. After burying her dead husband, he takes her home to Gleann where he can keep her safe, first through marriage, and then over his knee to keep her from doing anything dangerous.
    Mairi’s only memories are from the last five years, and they haven’t been particularly happy ones. First, the Murray’s find her injured next to a river, and take her home. Once they realize her memory is gone, they use her and sell her into marriage to an older man. Now, for some reason, an English Lord is trying to kidnap her. If only she could remember who she is and where she came from.
    The McCabe’s protect their own, and Alastair’s new wife is no exception. They’ll stand together as they figure out what happened to Mairi and who she really is, and most importantly, why Lord Thompson is so determined to take her.
    Although this is a stand-alone novel, many of the characters were introduced to the series in The McCabe’s Books 1-4.

  • The Man of Her Dreams The McCabe’s Book 3 by Bethany Hauck

    0 out of 5

    Flora Munro had a crush on Ham McCabe for what seemed to be her whole life until she got tired of him avoiding her all the time. She finally realized what a shallow person he really was, he didn’t like the fact that she wore men’s clothes, didn’t obsess about her appearance and didn’t really try to impress people. Either they liked her for who she was, or they didn’t, Flora didn’t put on airs for anyone.

    Ham McCabe had just finished up his service to the king’s army and returned to Gleann where he had grown up. Just like when they were younger, Flora Munro began following him around once again. He had been avoiding Flora since they were both young, she was just a nuisance and not what he would consider a lady or marriage material. He discouraged her every chance he could.

    After a visit with Ham’s sister Jacqueline at her home a day’s ride away, Ham offers to escort Flora, who had also been visiting her childhood friend, back to Gleann. Due to a freak storm, they are trapped alone together for days. Ham learns more about Flora than he ever thought possible, and more importantly, he finds out that she is much more than she seems and he really likes her. He’s not even upset when to save her reputation he has to marry her, although Flora wants nothing to do with him. After a trip or two over his knee, he begins to try to change her opinion of him back to what it once used to be, when he was the man of her dreams. Due to some poor choices he’s made, that may not be so easy.

    Although this is a stand-alone novel, many of the characters were introduced to the series in; “An Honest Mistake The McCabe’s book 1” and “A Good Man The McCabe’s book 2”.