Happily Ever After

  • Ravens Love by Terri Burke

    0 out of 5

    Raven Trevinoa’s life is about to change. Straight out of university, she is looking for the perfect first job to start her career. Answering a cryptic advert in the local paper, Raven is enticed by the idea of money, fancy living and unforgettable experiences.
    The last thing she is looking for, as she begins this new journey, is love. Aaron Chapman enters her life—and although the air electrifies every time they’re together, he treats her with disdain.
    Trauma pulls her away from him, and miscommunications break hearts. What final tragedy will test their true feelings for one another? Can they overcome these hurdles, and surrender themselves to love? Or will bitterness and confusion triumph in keeping them apart?

  • Abundantly Attractive by Tonwand North

    0 out of 5

    A rescued by a handsome stranger, gay romantic comedy full of mishaps with dogs, cats, rats and reindeer.

  • Reaching for Forever by Tara Eldana

    0 out of 5

    For him, it was lust at first sight…For her, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him… CAUTION: Sexy page-turning read, totally unputdownable. #LoveAtFirstSight #SecretBaby #HappyEverAfter

    Flora Hargrove is a school teacher, a normal kind of gal who is all about family and friends. So when her best friend needs undercover help to save a teen that’s gone missing, she’s all in — stripper pole and all.
    Of course Mandy wasn’t totally straight with Flora, so when she donned her outfit, or should we say ‘took off her clothes’, she was more than a little embarrassed until it let loose something inside of her she never knew she had.
    Then one thing led to another and now she’s pregnant (yes, it happened that fast).

    Rex Reddington is struggling with his new life. He’s literally a jack-of-all-trades and now finds himself helping his PI friend moonlight on a kidnapping case that’s about to come down. Problem? The criminals were onto them and they needed to take cover — so they each took one of the dancers for a lap dance in one of the private rooms. And it should have stopped there. But it didn’t…it went too far. But no regrets.
    Even when they met months later and he found out he was a soon-to-be dad.

    You don’t have to be married to be a parent, but there was no way in hell he was letting this one get away.

    “— an amazing read. This book has it all, intrigue, humor, action, and of course steamy romance. I am going to read more of her books” ~ 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer (Making the Switch)

    The steamy standalone novels in Tara Eldana’s Kinklink series are best read in order:

  • Simply Irresistible: Golden Isles Series # 1 by Lauren Clark

    0 out of 5

    Discover summer love with this new standalone sweet romance from author Lauren Clark!

    Amber Perry lives for her job as a junior advertising executive. When she’s given a chance to pitch a fantastic new product line, Amber’s convinced she can win the account. But the last person she expects to see in the Big Splash agency boardroom is the first guy to break her heart.

    Five years ago, Kurt Stevens left St. Simons Island after a devastating break up. Now, he’s back to show everyone he’s made it. But the soon-to-be CEO of All Star Energy gets more than he bargained for when the impulsive, feisty, and beautiful Amber makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

    When the pair is forced to team up on the energy drink launch, will this opposites-attract romance spark deeper feelings or burst into flames?

    Find out in the new summer romance from author Lauren Clark!

  • The Wicked Sister by Virginia Barlow

    0 out of 5

    With her stepfather’s sudden death, Lady Anastasia Covington goes from living a privileged lifestyle to selling vegetables in the village marketplace in the blink of an eye. Alone and at the mercy of her nefarious stepsister, she yearns for love and acceptance.
    Disguised as a simple soldier, Prince Percival catches a dark-haired emerald-eyed beauty in his arms. He is bewitched. The more he sees her, the more intrigued he is by her contradictions.
    Forced to keep his identity a secret, he must somehow convince Lady Anastasia he is the right man for her.
    But time is running out. Lady Anastasia’s mother i determined to find a proper suitor and see her wed-and someone wants her dead.
    This is a classic fairy tale with a twist!

  • The Viscount’s Vow by Collette Cameron

    0 out of 5

    He intended to ruin her…instead, he fell in love.

    A vengeful lord…

    Notorious for his stern demeanor and inflexible honor, former soldier Ian Hamilton, the Viscount Warrick journeys to London for one purpose–the permanent and irreversible downfall of the siren who caused his brother’s death. Only, instead of an immoral seductress, he discovers a soft-spoken, raven-haired beauty. Against all reason, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the last woman in England he could ever love.

    A spirited gypsy lady…

    The granddaughter of a Romani princess, Evangeline Caruthers endures the bon ton’s disdain and numerous indecent propositions with grace and poise. But when the dastardly Lord Warrick plots her ruination, she’s finished with propriety and politeness. To make matters worse, the handsome lord becomes caught in his own snare which forces them into a marriage neither wants…or do they?

    A love that transcends betrayal…

    When their lives are suddenly in danger, they must trust each other and their love. But can Vangie forgive Ian? Or will Ian’s regrets keep them from finding the happiness they both crave?

  • Draoithe: Fire and a Gryphon by Ophelia Kee

    0 out of 5

    What if the only way to protect your people was to figure out how to recharge ancient gargoyles? Marchand is sent out on just that mission, but his orders were tampered with. Even after he protested, he was still required to finish the mission. The trouble he gets into lands him at Draoithe, a prisoner unable to leave when his life mate shows up being attacked. The woman his crimes were against becomes his unlikely ally if he will only help her claim a bear. Spark is literally fire as a woman. But after a vision she saw with her sister, she is sure her bear is coming for her at Draoithe. While she waits, the idea of building sentinel gargoyles gets bandied about as an extra layer of protection for the people, and she and her sisters begin the process for combining their magic to build a full complement of fated mate stone guardians. Steamy and sweaty. Stolen innocence and endearing love.

  • Upon Us by Blakely Chorpenning

    0 out of 5

    Twenty-five years into a self-imposed apocalypse known as the New Beginning, a clanless woman must abduct a villager while navigating a mysterious, zombie-like plague in order to steal next season’s harvest before everyone starves to death. Through deception, conspiracy, and the horrors of an expanding pandemic, love thrives where a world chose to die.

  • Irresistible Prejudice by Lily Holland

    0 out of 5

    Can you fall in love with your childhood nemesis?

    Charles Knightley has never wondered. Ever since he was a child, he hated Miss Selina Heathfield with a dedicated heart. Earl of a wide estate, his peaceful life is soon troubled by his uncle’s letter: the old man wants him to marry Miss Heathfield.

    Will the woman redeem the memory of the nasty little girl imprinted on his mind or will she prove to be even more of a nightmare than anticipated?

    Are love and hate really two sides of the same coin? Find out in this sweet and short regency romance!

    If you like Regency Romance and Arranged Marriages Stories with stubborn Lords and beautiful Ladies discovering passion and romance in the British countryside, then “Irresistible Prejudice” was made for you!

    “Irresistible Prejudice” is a Historical Regency Arrange Marriage Romance novel where you will NOT find cheating or cliffhangers but a rejoicing happily ever after.

    First book in the series of standalone novels The Unforeseen Lovers, “Irresistible Prejudice” offers the perfect first taste of Regency Arranged Marriage Romance to get you hooked!

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  • Remembering You by Juliana Stevens

    0 out of 5

    Chase Summers is happily single and carefree. Everything comes easy for him, and he likes it that way. Life is perfect until he finds out his best friend, Tiffany, is in a coma.
    Now, instead of gallery openings and fun nights out, Chase spends all his time at Tiffany’s bedside. As each day passes and she doesn’t wake up, Chase remembers moments and feelings he allowed himself to forget.
    Remembering You is a sweet romance and a standalone novella