• A Welcome Intruder by Anita Swirl

    0 out of 5

    Young Kira is looking for adventure and fun now that her latest raise has resulted in disposable income.

    She finds more than she bargained for when she decides to attend a storage unit auction on a whim and runs into a gorgeous, blue-eyed fellow bidder.

    She battles with the hunky stranger for a unit, and when she wins the battle, he decides to turn it into a war.

    Later that night, she finds herself facing down the defeated hottie in her bedroom, and he has come for more than just the contents of that unit!

  • Hot Worl by G.R Grayson

    0 out of 5

    This is a threesome of hot and sweaty on the job stories where more than just the work is hard!

    It contains:

    A hot and nasty police officer

    Toys and dildos

    Handcuffs and bondage

    Anal sex

    Hot French chef

    A delicious nurse

    Yes Dicktective

    Dicktective Suze has to restrain her prisoner to search for a concealed weapon. Discovering it secreted in his pant she uses it for own pleasure.

    Sweet and Delicious.

    The French chef unexpectedly adds a large sausage to the menu fulfilling his guests ravenous appetite.


    A nurse gives special treatment in the surgery which has the patient moaning with more than just pain.