halloween romance

  • The Gazillionaire’s Ghost by Meg Cooper

    0 out of 5

    Rose is a ghost and has haunted the Bebbington Hotel since her death in 1929. Every year, she and the other ghostly residents have a physical body from sunset Halloween night until the next dawn. The annual Bebbington Halloween Ball, unofficially given in honor of the spirits, is Rose’s chance to get her nookie on.

    But this year, rumor has it there’s a new owner of the hotel, and he’s not a fan of the Ball, and wants to close it as a cost-saving measure.

    And then there’s Christopher, who’s ab-so-lute-ly the cat’s meow. Is he her once-a-year opportunity to make whoopee, or might he just be the rich new owner of the hotel?

    The Gazillionaire’s Ghost is a short erotic paranormal romance. The story contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. About 8,000 words.