H. Zilfiger

  • Bound At Dusk: student teacher dark erotic romance by H. Zilfiger

    0 out of 5

    Star Book, All The Filthy Details podcast erotica reviews, June 2021

    Dark erotic romance set in modern-day Scotland and inspired in part by the author’s real-life experiences. Features themes of bondage, domination and submission.

    “What makes this book stand out is its strong narrative. It kept surprising me from start to finish and it’s also funny at times. Its eroticism sways from sensual to explicit and back. The characters are intriguing and the writing is great. Definitely my recommendation and an author to keep an eye on.” – PATRICIA RAY, Erotic Romance Writer

    “For me, Bound At Dusk felt dark, moody and realistic. The Scottish backdrop, married with its descriptive style, sets the book up perfectly. The book teases the reader initially with a sense of mystery that lures the reader in. Once fully invested, the reward is page after page of unbridled debauchery, written to perfection.” – THE COUNT, Reviewer, All The Filthy Details podcast

    When Edinburgh University student Toni Amahle makes a fatal mistake that places her in the power of Professor David Charles, she must strike a bargain to secure her future. One night. At his command. It is all she fears. And all she desires. Neither could foresee the consequences.

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