• Fortis by PC BENSON

    0 out of 5

    Who knew that Nephilims and Fallen Angels were real?

    So far, summer was going great! I had been accepted to UCLA— my dream college, and I’d even met the perfect boy! I had never been boy-crazy before, that was my sister, Lilly. However, I couldn’t deny the attraction I felt for this stranger.

    In just one harrowing night, everything changed, my dreams and plans came crashing down. I found myself in a new world where Nephilim and Fallen Angels existed! They were hiding in plain sight, right in Los Angeles. Instead of choosing dorms or classes, I had to make life and death decisions because both sides wanted me—they claimed that I was the key to winning this war.

    I’ll be damned if I’d allow my sister to be dragged into this crazy world. She needed a normal life, as far away as possible from danger. A danger that started when I met Alec.

    Fortis is book one of Nephilim’s Savior trilogy.
    New Adult Paranormal Romance
    Warning: Adult scenes included