• The Harem: A Steamy Adventure by Victoria Rush

    0 out of 5

    When Jade travels to Marrakesh for a North African vacation, she’s captivated by the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis. But when a handsome and mysterious sheik invites her to join him on his desert caravan, she hesitates deciding to accept his offer.

    The next day, she takes a camel ride out to his encampment and is mesmerized by the serene beauty of the Sahara landscape. But when they reach his camp and Amir introduces her to his stable of young and pretty wives, her thoughts suddenly turn to a different form of entertainment.

    After Amir treats her to a private Arabian belly dance in his tent, she heads back to the women’s tent with one of the girls and they make love on the warm desert floor. For the next couple of days, Jade immerses herself in the culture of their peaceful nomadic lifestyle, sampling all of their special delicacies.

    But when an unfortunate mishap suddenly turns their plans upside down, Jade and the rest of the girls must find a way to escape from the middle of the desert and make their way back to civilization. Join Jade as she’s taken on a wild and erotic journey through the wilderness, making memories that will last her a lifetime…

  • The Erotic Tales of Bucephalus by Christopher of Detroit

    0 out of 5


    What does it mean to be human?

    “The Erotic Tales of Bucephalus” tells the story of a beast who experiences sexuality through a man’s body inside a spectral hotel lost in time. Alexander the Great’s mighty steed, Bucephalus, dies in battle near the River Hydaspes within the Persian Empire. Banners gambol on the horizon and witches drink the blood of the dead, smearing gore upon their naked bodies, as the warhorse’s vision fades into death.

    In an eerie hotel room, Bucephalus awakens in a human body with an insatiable sex drive. From the shadows, a phantasm appears with wings sprouting from a nebulous head and a shimmering body of starless fire. Morpheus, the deliverer of dreams, sends Bucephalus on an erotic journey through a time-shifting netherworld with each dream offering sexual transgressions both sensual yet depraved.

    Haunted by an elusive room-hopping nymph, Bucephalus struggles with his beastly nature by indulging in licentious encounters with the hotel’s occupants: an unnamed pythoness who adores oral copulation, three masked lesbians in a voyeuristic sex party, two alluring sirens wielding straight razors and shibari knots, a macabre priestess gang-banged by loyal sycophants, and an unforgiving dominatrix’s Arab strap training day.
    From a decadent orgy in a sixteenth-century Italian ballroom to an evocative sex-magic ritual in the jungles of Siam, Bucephalus explores the limits of eroticism, diving into a turbulent world of sexual corruption and self-reflection.

  • Corrupted By The Vikings by Chera Zade

    0 out of 5

    Take her! Every single one of you!

    Vikings were built differently to the men from her land, bigger in every department.

    Busty young vixen, Alison Trowbridge, is on the way to see the King, captured under orders by valiant knight, Arthur.

    Half-way through their journey south, a band of Vikings block their way and demand that Arthur hand over his precious cargo.

    Initially reluctant to let go of his prize, Arthur changes his mind when he sees what the barbarians have in store for her. Finding themselves with a shared goal, they come together to form a formidable team and Alison has never experienced anything like it.

  • Ravished By The Kings Guard by Penny Black

    0 out of 5

    The King wants to invade the wild lands to the north, and decides to marry off his youngest princess in order to raise the funds. Feisty Elizabeth has different ideas however, so she works out a devious plan of her own.

    She knows Selwyn won’t take her unless she’s absolutely pure, so she decides to do something about it.

    When she creeps into their chamber in the middle of the night, a slip of see-through silk her only protection, the innocent girl has nothing but a barely formed plan in her head. She has no experience in these matters, and no idea what to expect.

    She’s been around the King’s five best men long enough to know these alpha males will be unable to resist her perfect, nubile form, but will she be able to resist them?

    After all, the last thing she expects is to fall in love.

  • Ravished By Vikings by Penny Black

    0 out of 5

    They’ll respect you more if you fight back

    Kendra’s heard stories told of the huge and powerful, God-like men from the east from travellers that come through her village on the way up to the trading post at Scarth, but she never expects them to descend on her like a dream come true, and steal her away into the night.

    Held captive by her new keepers, Kendra watches as they demonstrate their might, showing the girl in search of adventure exactly what they have planned for her. They want to make her their Queen, and each one of these muscle-bound barbarians plans to show her exactly how he means to go about it.

    Kendra can’t hide her delight, and when it’s time for her to perform, she makes damn sure she doesn’t disappoint.

    Feared throughout the land, these men of inhuman proportions are unlike any she’s ever encountered before and she will do anything to make them hers.

    She’ll even fall in love.

  • An Intimate Acquaintance: desire Awakened by Gwendoline Lacey

    0 out of 5

    It is the year 1811, and Miss Emilia Hurlstone’s girlish dreams of marrying a handsome and gallant knight are forever shattered when her social-climbing parents force her to accept the offer of Lord Farnley of Foxdene Hall, a man many years her senior, and with few physical qualities to recommend him.

    Beneath the respectable veneer of marriage lurks a world of previously unimagined depravity.

    Emilia’s innocence vanishes at the same moment as her maidenhood when Ralph begins instructing his young bride in all of her wifely duties, educating her in ways she had never envisaged… Carnal acts… and not always confined to the privacy of their bedchamber.

    As Emilia begins to appreciate the physical aspects of marriage, she finds herself increasingly drawn to a younger man.

    Tom is tall, blond, and muscular, a man at the peak of his manhood, the very epitome of how a handsome knight should be. Unfortunately, he is also Ralph’s stablehand.

    Overwhelmed by her lustful desires, Emilia tries to master herself and resist Tom’s sexual lure.

    If discovered, she might lose everything. Her marriage and her good name would hang in tatters.

    Or is surrendering to Tom a risk worth taking?

  • Fallen Princess by Rowena Blake

    0 out of 5

    Princess Azalea is the most beautiful woman in the land of Verda. She lives in a perfect

    world where she is served by hand maidens while many eligible suitors, daily beg for her hand in marriage. However, her world is shattered when the brutish Prince Caro attacks Verda and takes everyone as prisoners.

    She must decide what is more important to her – honor or the people of Verda?

    This is a short story of about 7000 words. It can be enjoyed individually or as part of a series.