glistening pines

  • Lust and Disgust by L. L. Neal

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    Welcome to Glistening Pines, Texas.
    When the weather heats up, so do the people of this small town. Sometimes life is steamy and sometimes there are tornadoes to work around, and it takes a special type of person to cope with this.
    Darlene Ledbetter was searching for the perfect man. Bobby Ray was the man for her. She had always had a crush on him since high school. But lately, Darlene can’t get Lester Pritchard out of her mind, even though he disgusts her. Will true love win or will lust rule her life?
    Through bouts with tequila, her crazy neighbors, her crazy family, and well-meaning friends, Darlene must find her perfect man. Will she be able to do it?