Gay Mystery

  • The Seagulls by Milo Wursten

    0 out of 5

    Eddy has a rare talent. As the newest bartender on a luxury cruise ship, he has a way of making people spill their innermost secrets. He’s not only the most charming jerk on the cruise, but also the most desired, having appeared on the cover of a hardcore magazine in the past.
    Eddy plays his way into the hands of a wealthy millionaire and leader of an exclusive club called The Seagulls. His flirtatious manner earns him a seat beside the leader, but he’s going to have to work hard in order to keep it.
    After a mysterious death onboard threatens Eddy’s only hope of remaining a member, he decides to investigate the murder and discover the killer’s identity.

  • The Analyst by Milo Wursten

    0 out of 5

    A young professor in his mid 30’s obsessed with proving and disproving scientific theories conspiracies and laws of nature sets out to disprove the existence of a merman in a rural region in Brazil. He soon finds that the people of this region revere this creature as a savior and he decides to seek the creature out himself. He soon discovers that not only are mermen real but they possessed the most enchanting and alluring physiques of any creature known to man. After a night of inconceivable and unforgettable intimacy with the creature, he finds himself returning to the sea very often with hopes for one more night of intimacy. In the cold heat of embrace with the pelagic creature a certain law might yet be proven… spontaneous evolution.

  • Don’t Quote Me by Jasper Swain

    0 out of 5

    Harry Nast has it all. An apartment in the West Village, a column in a downtown rag, great friends and a slew of lovers. But when one of those lovers calls in the early morning hours and quickly turns up dead, Harry’s life is turned upside down. His apartment is ransacked and his job is suddenly on the line. Soon Harry finds himself trying to solve a mystery far darker than he imagined. Can he keep it all together, or will his own demons get him first? Spanning from New York City to Provincetown, Don’t Quote Me is a story about friendship, gay men and the struggles they face with a healthy dose of romance and sex in the mix. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry. Harry Nast is a character you will not soon forget.