gay erotica

  • Like Father Like Son Book 1 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    An erotic story about a young man exploring his sexuality and discovering his father is doing the same thing and with the same man! Talk about awkward! Four Star (20 reviews).

  • Jack Knight: Just The Meat 1 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    Jack Knight… gay crime novelist with a mansion, a popular club, a son, and a problem. He has a good life but it’s become predictable. But when the cops call him in on a case, things get interesting!

  • The Wolf Next Door Book 3 by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    Corey is, or at least was, your typical, if somewhat shy college student.
    An introvert with a vague anxiety disorder that he’d received treatment for, but that he still has to manage.
    His life has recently taken a turn. The creepy mansion next door to his home has recently been purchased by a mysterious man. Corey is suspicious of him, and so he should be, for the man may not be a man at all. He is, at the very least, far more than he appears!
    At the same time, he’s developing a friendship with Darren, a wild and outgoing guy at school. His crush on one of the professors has evolved and after an encounter in a motel room, he’s wondering if there was more to it for his teacher than just another student conquest.
    Then there’s Gord – popular jock with a bit of a predatory streak.
    He’s got his eyes on Corey.
    Then, finally, there’s the Henchman – a strange shapeshifting creature that appears human until it doesn’t.
    Between Darren, his professor, Gord, the mysterious man next door, and the Henchman, Corey has his hands full.
    Things aren’t out of control.
    Not just yet.
    But the night is still young!

  • Do It For Daddy by Richard Manley

    0 out of 5

    Coming of age story about a young man who experiences a forbidden desire for his stepfather. Gradually the realization dawns that the feelings may be mutual leading to taboo encounters.

    Joey has a confession to make about his stepfather. He’s got feelings for him and not the kind he should have.
    Joey and his stepfather have a chat one night and begin to explore their taboo desires. Then Joey catches his stepdad in a compromising position that makes it hard for both of them to deny their feelings!
    While on vacation Joey finally gets his wish. He’s not sure if they’ve made a big mistake – but he can’t resist!
    Joey begins a coming-of-age adventure that takes him into the exciting world of men, guided by his stepfather.
    Joey has had a taste, and now he craves more! He’s learning and exploring.
    Joey gives in to his taboo desires again and knows that it will be hard to stop.
    Joey is now eager for new experiences and lets himself be dominated by an arrogant business daddy who teaches him about dominance and submission.
    The dominant businessman has plans for Joey. He has a little party, and Joey is the center of attention!
    The party has been intense, and though it’s been a long night, there’s always time for more!
    Joey enjoys the surprise endowment of Benny, a submissive man who will do whatever Joey demands. He’s learned a few things from the dominant businessman, and he puts those lessons to good use!
    Turns out Benny has a brother – a twin brother and Joey learns that it’s true what they say about twins – there’s a submissive one and a dominant one. Joey gets to enjoy the best of both worlds!
    Joey struggles with his feelings and reveals his true self on the plane ride home. An older man in a nearby seat hears Joey’s confession and has a confession of his own to make. That eventually gets Joey into trouble with a muscular flight attendant who decides to teach the young man a very important lesson.
    Joey wasn’t the only one to confess a secret. He now knows something about the sexy neighbor next door and uses it to his full advantage.
    Not the kind of family reunion you often read about.
    Do It For Daddy is a coming-of-age story about a young man who has an inappropriate crush on his stepdad. In less than a week, Joey has learned a lot about adult sex games. He’s gone from virgin to blackmailer, and he’s just getting started!

  • The Seagulls by Milo Wursten

    0 out of 5

    Eddy has a rare talent. As the newest bartender on a luxury cruise ship, he has a way of making people spill their innermost secrets. He’s not only the most charming jerk on the cruise, but also the most desired, having appeared on the cover of a hardcore magazine in the past.
    Eddy plays his way into the hands of a wealthy millionaire and leader of an exclusive club called The Seagulls. His flirtatious manner earns him a seat beside the leader, but he’s going to have to work hard in order to keep it.
    After a mysterious death onboard threatens Eddy’s only hope of remaining a member, he decides to investigate the murder and discover the killer’s identity.

  • The Analyst by Milo Wursten

    0 out of 5

    A young professor in his mid 30’s obsessed with proving and disproving scientific theories conspiracies and laws of nature sets out to disprove the existence of a merman in a rural region in Brazil. He soon finds that the people of this region revere this creature as a savior and he decides to seek the creature out himself. He soon discovers that not only are mermen real but they possessed the most enchanting and alluring physiques of any creature known to man. After a night of inconceivable and unforgettable intimacy with the creature, he finds himself returning to the sea very often with hopes for one more night of intimacy. In the cold heat of embrace with the pelagic creature a certain law might yet be proven… spontaneous evolution.

  • I Gave Myself to the Werewolf Pack by Jen Berry

    0 out of 5

    This is the second complete series in the Monster Fling Universe!
    This book features three stories previously available as stand alones: “I Gave Myself to the Werewolves”, “I Gave Myself to the Werewolves… Again”, and “I Gave Myself to the Pack”

    After going through Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, Lucy decides that she’s still not satisfied. Now fully immersed in the Paranormal world of the monsters, Lucy begins her search for the werewolves. Though fairy tales have told her that the werewolves live in the forests, she finds them deep in the urban center of her city.
    These stories DON’T feature a timid Lucy. No, now that she finally knows what she wants, Lucy goes after the Werewolf Pack.
    Guided by her Shifter lover, Lucy jumps right into the world of the werewolves.
    This is a reverse harem unlike any other! Lucy is free to choose what she does with any of the pack members, all of whom are at her beck and call.

  • Thorns: A Gay Historical Romance by Alyssa Belivet

    0 out of 5

    Thomas has nowhere left to turn. Unable to pay the rent after his father’s crops fail, he throws himself on the mercy of the mysterious aristocrat Lord Ashton. His lordship proposes a bargain that will tear him away from everything he knows and make him a servant in Ashton’s sprawling manor. As Thomas settles into his strange new role, a contest of wills between him and his master soon becomes a dance of seduction.

    Ensnared in a world of privilege, power, and dark desire, Thomas soon realizes he’s traded a life of toil for a gilded cage—one he’s not sure he wants to escape.

  • Fractured Fairytales, Volume 1 by Laurel Black

    0 out of 5

    There’s always been an untold nostalgia within an otherwise happy fairy tale. Whether it be through innocent love, erotic romance, or even love born from war, macabre desires will always rule over their hearts. Because after all, that’s what it means, for beauty to be found within tragedy.

    Stories in this collection include The Death of Love, Imperfection, and Mechanical Hearts.

  • Meik&Sebastian – Obsessed by Quin Perin

    0 out of 5

    Obsessed – to preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

    Meik Lennen has everything a man could want. A successful company. More money than he knows what to do with. Men and women falling to their knees in front of him, practically begging him to dominate them. Everything a man could want with only one problem: he’s bored of it all. Bored of the same old things and the greyness of his life, until…

    …he catches sight of Sebastian, an enigmatic twenty-year-old street musician, who rips him out of his dull daze. Obsessed with the young man, Meik lures him in and offers him a peek into a world of sins and desire. But soon Sebastian begins to twist his way into his consciousness, threatening to reveal dark memories Meik had locked away tightly.