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  • I Gave Myself to the Werewolf Pack by Jen Berry

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    This is the second complete series in the Monster Fling Universe!
    This book features three stories previously available as stand alones: “I Gave Myself to the Werewolves”, “I Gave Myself to the Werewolves… Again”, and “I Gave Myself to the Pack”

    After going through Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, Lucy decides that she’s still not satisfied. Now fully immersed in the Paranormal world of the monsters, Lucy begins her search for the werewolves. Though fairy tales have told her that the werewolves live in the forests, she finds them deep in the urban center of her city.
    These stories DON’T feature a timid Lucy. No, now that she finally knows what she wants, Lucy goes after the Werewolf Pack.
    Guided by her Shifter lover, Lucy jumps right into the world of the werewolves.
    This is a reverse harem unlike any other! Lucy is free to choose what she does with any of the pack members, all of whom are at her beck and call.

  • Thorns: A Gay Historical Romance by Alyssa Belivet

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    Thomas has nowhere left to turn. Unable to pay the rent after his father’s crops fail, he throws himself on the mercy of the mysterious aristocrat Lord Ashton. His lordship proposes a bargain that will tear him away from everything he knows and make him a servant in Ashton’s sprawling manor. As Thomas settles into his strange new role, a contest of wills between him and his master soon becomes a dance of seduction.

    Ensnared in a world of privilege, power, and dark desire, Thomas soon realizes he’s traded a life of toil for a gilded cage—one he’s not sure he wants to escape.

  • Fractured Fairytales, Volume 1 by Laurel Black

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    There’s always been an untold nostalgia within an otherwise happy fairy tale. Whether it be through innocent love, erotic romance, or even love born from war, macabre desires will always rule over their hearts. Because after all, that’s what it means, for beauty to be found within tragedy.

    Stories in this collection include The Death of Love, Imperfection, and Mechanical Hearts.

  • Meik&Sebastian – Obsessed by Quin Perin

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    Obsessed – to preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

    Meik Lennen has everything a man could want. A successful company. More money than he knows what to do with. Men and women falling to their knees in front of him, practically begging him to dominate them. Everything a man could want with only one problem: he’s bored of it all. Bored of the same old things and the greyness of his life, until…

    …he catches sight of Sebastian, an enigmatic twenty-year-old street musician, who rips him out of his dull daze. Obsessed with the young man, Meik lures him in and offers him a peek into a world of sins and desire. But soon Sebastian begins to twist his way into his consciousness, threatening to reveal dark memories Meik had locked away tightly.

  • Seduced by my College Professor: Gay younger older erotica short story (Abuse of Power Book 3) by Sky Boss

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    This 4,700-word story is about Will, a college freshman who develops a crush on Prof D, his economics professor. Will’s never been attracted to guys before, but Prof D has this sexy power over him, he could literally make or break Will’s future- and that turns Will on. Will the inexperienced younger man seduce his older professor to get what he wants?

  • Str8 to Hell by Spartacus Damrod

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    A brief business encounter turns into a romantic adventure for Marcus, but Troy can only see a sexual relationship between the two because of his down low lifestyle.

  • Bigfoot, Big Deal by Michelle Vongkaysone

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    On the continuing adventures of Benjamin, Tanner and Inanna, they encounter another mysterious creature. While its visits are fleeting, the trio soon get caught up in a web of trials, deceit and hidden lust.

    As their differing passions threaten to consume all, one lingering question remains: What will happen next?

  • Angel: Dominating Mythology by Alexis Darlington by Alexis Darlington

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    Alexis Darlington is a good Southern girl with a strong desire to please, her love of writing made the path to becoming an erotica author inevitable. When she isn’t writing she enjoys moonlit walks on the beach and experimenting in the kitchen. She hopes to settle down with a strong man one day who can make all her fantasies come true.

  • First Time Gay Erotica: Unspoken Desires Next Door by Lance Matthews

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    Kevin is stuck in a loveless marriage but all that’s about to change when a new neighbor moves in. With a little guidance, Kevin is about to fulfill the unspoken desires he never knew he had.

  • Bang-Up by Jack Hammer

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    HMP Blakenhall houses some of the UK’s toughest ‘Lifers’ and new faces have to earn their place amongst them. Fresh from the Block John Gambit is paired with Gunnar, the Wing’s Daddy, so he can be shown the ropes.

    And as it’s Gunnar’s Wing, it’s Gunnar’s rules.

    Gambit realises that reputation counts for nothing, but is there more to him than meets the eye? And why do they call him half-pint?

  • Falling from Grace Part One by Laura S. Fox

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    Falling from Grace – Part One

    Liam Anderson feels like his life is going down the drain. A former priest sent to prison for double murder, clinging to his beliefs that are slowly fading from his heart, he is given another chance when a young man, Nick Donovan, asks for his help so that he would not get raped by other inmates. His noble intentions are quickly dashed by the unit’s informal leader, Marco Salieri who clearly tells him that Nick won’t escape his fate, no matter how much Liam will try defending the young man.

    There is a chance, however, for Liam to keep his new found friend safe, as Marco makes him an offer he can’t really refuse: Nick won’t get raped if Liam accepts to surrender his own body and become Marco’s bitch. Outraged by the demand, the former priest refuses, but he quickly discovers that putting up a fight is not a viable option if he wants to do the right thing. He finally tells Marco he’ll do whatever the sexy and dangerous mafia boss wants, but slowly he starts to realize that falling from grace can have more meanings than one.

    Warning: Falling from Grace contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse between men, strong language, dubious consent and other themes that may make readers uncomfortable.

  • Primal Chase by Jessie Snow

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    He’s not a monster, but he’s not human…

    Jay is driving back to his mountain cabin when his jeep dies. A brilliant flash of light draws him beyond the treeline, like a moth to a flame. When the light fades, a naked man emerges from a pile of ashes. He’s here for one reason. And that reason is Jay.

    Shocked by what the man tells him, Jay runs. Not only from the stranger, but from his own desires. It’s the beginning of a night filled with chases and captures, carnal needs and inhuman pleasures.

    Just who is this man? And why does he seem so familiar?

    Primal Chase is Volume One of the From the Ashes short story series.

    Length: 8,600 words (approximately 34 pages). A short story.

    Please note: This gay erotica short story contains explicit adult male/male content. It is intended for adults only.

    Dub-con, fingering, oral, rimming, orgasm control, multiple orgasms, prostate milking, outdoor sexual situations, inhuman characteristics, dream/nightmare-induced necrophilia. Three extremely detailed and explicit m/m scenes.

  • Exploring my FREEDOM – gay diary by David Svoboda

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    My name is David. This diary is my true story!

    I’m a simple guy from Prague in Czech Republic. That’s in Central Europe – a young country that has been under communists until 20 years ago, when we got our independence.

    I’m 28 years old now and my world view has always been projected towards the west, not east. Towards the modern and free, not socialist and limiting. Luckily I lived in a family where these values were encouraged and nourished. Open mindedness, optimism and hard work are the values that I developed throughout my childhood.

    I’ve been told I am cute, but I don’t always believe it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a real hunk. Then there are times I think I look strange – big pointy nose and chin, uneven ears and a skinny body, especially my legs. But I have been working out regularly for some time so I’m quite fit. I’m hairy, but keep my body hair trimmed short. It’s a sexy look if you are into that.

    Less clear-cut is my love life; I don’t know if I have ever been in love. It’s a strange feeling to admit to yourself at 28 years old that you have probably never experienced romantic love. I mean I have had some nice people in my life, people that I really cared about and still do to this day, but I’ve never really felt in love.

    My relationship with Dominic had lasted for five years. Had I loved him? Unfortunately, if I’m totally honest with myself, I have to admit – no. During the relationship, those feelings were complicated. Now that I was free, it was clear. I had not loved him. Did I care about him? Of course I did! I missed him a lot when we broke up. But after five years, you would miss anyone. People get used to each other, comfortable in the routine, even if the love is lacking.

    After five years of relationship, my heart seemed to scream… Freedom! He loved me, and I knew that, I felt that! He wore his heart on his sleeve. While I felt, and knew I needed to be, free, I felt bad for hurting him by breaking up. He was so nice to me, very caring and generous, taking care of me whenever and wherever I needed.

    One thing in our relationship did not work: sex. Our libidos were completely different – I needed sex often, he needed it very rarely. I was so horny, I felt I was going crazy. No amount of flirting or sensual touch could turn him on; nothing would make him give me what I wanted: for him to rip my clothes off and take me passionately.

    After some time I gave up trying to seduce him and discovered the vast world of online porn. I enjoyed watching hardcore porn. But then I found the live cam scene and discovered I loved jerking off on a live cam stream with people watching me. During that time when I would get turned on and jerk with other guys online, I lost all sexual interest in Dominic. He did not even make me hard anymore. Now I was used to a hot guy from Brazil or that hung stud from the Machofucker movie getting me aroused. Sad, but true: I stopped trying with Dominic, and for some time, my newly discovered online porn world was enough to satisfy me. My new ‘sex’ life didn’t last for long though.

    We didn’t cheat on each other and we didn’t look for threesomes. Though I was willing to experiment with that, Dominic was strongly against it. So sex, or the lack of it, became a big problem in our relationship – the problem that broke us up. I was feeling unhappy and unsatisfied to the point I could no longer take it and so I ended the relationship. Sometimes the best solution is also the hardest, the most painful. I was in my best years and was aching to be sexually satisfied. Dominic was not the person to do that anymore. So that was that.

    I made a profile on an online dating site only three days after the break-up. I was ready to have real, hot fun with guys! Now I was free to do it; I was free to let go, to find someone real, to bring my love life out of the virtual world and into the flesh!

    Very soon I started to plan a holiday. For the first time in five years, I was free to go wherever I wanted, to follow my own agenda. Visions of a journey across the USA captivated my imagination. I wanted to explore new places, meet new people and have a lot of fun. I wanted to go alone so I could have the whole time for myself. It was, after all, a celebration of my freedom. It would be my great adventure for the year.

    After planning an itinerary and buying the tickets, I waited impatiently for the date of departure!

    It finally came and my adventure began… This book is a diary from that trip. Have fun!

  • The Man PLAN by A. Lusch

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    Now that David’s heading towards his mid-30s, he’s finally realized that it’s time to find a husband. But with so many men and so little time, he realizes he’s going to have to be strategic if he’s ever to find his soulmate.

    Thus, 52 First Dates is formed; a challenge, a scheme, to go on a date with a new man, every week, for a year. If it pays off, he’ll be in marital bliss. If it doesn’t, he’ll know that he’s fated with being the eternal bachelor. With everything to live for, David plunges into the world of dating in search of the perfect man.

    The Man Plan is a 12,000K SHORT STORY, or about 37 pages in length.

    M/M Steam-level: HOT!!

    Book 1: The Man PLAN

    Book 2: Friends And FRENCHMEN

    Book 3: Seeing DOUBLE (Coming Soon)

  • Taken by the Vikings by Isabel Dare

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    Desperate to protect his village, young Edric rams his small fishing boat into a Viking ship, and ends up captured by the Viking raiders.

    When Viking leader Thorvald puts a thrall collar around Edric’s neck, Edric offers to pleasure the huge Viking in exchange for his freedom. But the other Vikings demand their share of their new thrall, and soon Edric finds himself on his knees, servicing the entire crew in a vicious Viking free-for-all…

    Mature readers only! This 8.000 word story contains a rough gay encounter between an inexperienced young man and a boatload of horny Vikings. All characters are 18 or older.