G.R Grayson

  • A Very Private Inspection by G.R Grayson

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    Melissa is a real estate agent who is getting sick of the humdrum of selling houses until the hunky Michael, who has a dragon tattoo down one arm, arrives in a Audi sports car at inspection of a house and she gives him more than a guided tour.

  • Retail Therapy by G.R Grayson

    0 out of 5

    “Is there a boyfriend or husband I have to steal you away from?”

    I stood there shocked by the handsome customer’s direct approach . I was quite used to being hit on, but this good looking man brought new levels of confidence.

    “Ah…Ah…Ah,” I sputtered. “Ah… No.”

    “Good. I’m James. What time can I pick you up.”

    A eight o’clock I stood in front of the mirror inspecting the black sheath of a dress that wore like a second skin. It was sleeveless with a deep neckline filled with black sheer that contained my voluminous breasts.

    I was ready for a hot date and I wasn’t about to be disappointed!

    Things are certainly getting hot in the suburbs!