• Not Just The Teacher by Sue Teri

    0 out of 5

    John was in a predicament. He has the hots for one of his teachers, so much in fact, that the only way for him to make it through her class without getting an erection is by masturbating before he goes to class. Even then, there have been times when that hasn’t even helped, especially at his age when erection’s come quite often with very little stimulation. And his teacher is one HUGE stimulant!

    He has had to sit through many of her classes with a huge erection cramping against his tight jeans without the ability to do anything about it. There is also been times when the urge to ejaculate has been so strong that he’s actually creamed his underwear without even touching himself, just by watching her.

    He knows that his teacher flirts with all the boys in the class because she likes getting a “rise” out of them. By the way she dresses, unless the boy is gay, every guy in the class will have a hard on. For some reason, she has made John her favorite pupil and gives him special attention.

    As soon as he walked in and saw what she was wearing, he could already feel his member starting to stir. It was going to be an agonizing hour. The only respite was watching her beautiful body and if he had to suffer some pain, so be it. It was worth it.

    Sue knew when the semester began, that she wanted to have sex with John and that’s why she made him her favorite. She loved teasing John because she knew what she was doing to him. After two weeks of class, Sue made her intentions known, slipping John a note, telling him to stay after class.

    Class over, she locked the door, went to the front of her desk, pulled up her skirt and beckoned John to her. John was too nervous to last long and even though she was disappointed, she knew that later on he would do better. She wrote a note, sealed it in the envelope and told John to open it when he got home.

    The note simply said for him to be at her house at 9 PM that night. She knew he would be there and John knew it too. What John didn’t know was that Sue had more devious plans for him, including her two daughters.

  • Camping Swap, Book 1: A College Swinger Romance by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    Now that finals are over, Mike is looking forward to his upcoming camping trip with his beautiful girlfriend, Molly. As an added bonus, his best friend Jake will be joining them, along with his bubbly blonde girlfriend, Jessica. Typical, red-blooded college guys, they fully intend to make up for lost time with the two sexy coeds. What the two young hunks don’t know is that Molly and Jessica have a plan all their own. What starts out as a playful game of strip poker quickly turns into something else entirely…

  • Medusa Marines in the Mutant Menage (Tales of the Medusa Marines, Book 3) by Natalia Dire

    0 out of 5

    When a sexy, sweaty squad of Medusa Marines crash landed in the steamy jungles of Flaxis Five, they expected to find an inhospitable world. Instead, they encountered a perfect paradise of carnal pleasures. Amidst the sentient jungle’s alien aphrodisiacs and intimately curious vines, they’ve shed both their gear and their inhibitions. They’ve even gained a taste of the plants’ powers themselves, manifesting mutations that promise to be as useful in lovemaking as they are in battle. When their rescue ship finally comes, will these squadmates choose to stay behind, or can their ravishing blonde admiral entice them to come aboard, to deliver a special “hands-on” after-action report?

    This 6500+ word story, a sci-fi adventure sizzling with eroticism, is Natalia Dire’s longest to date. It is the third and final book in her Tales of the Medusa Marines trilogy. Book 1 (The Erotic Flora of Flaxis Five) and Book 2 (Seed of the Hungry Jungle) are available now, and a Complete Collection is on the way!