Former Pop-Star

  • Fallen Ambitions by Guy Stanton III

    0 out of 5

    They desire me – They hate me – They molded me – They tortured me – They used me

    I can’t give up because I’m different now. I will never give up exposing the truth of who they are!

    Shoot me – Poison Me – Chase Me – Restrain me – Terrorize Me

    I don’t care anymore. I’ve been redeemed and I’m standing where my God has placed me. I know the evil you’ve done. You know who you are. I’m not running. Come and get me!

    A highly trained Russian assassin……….

    An ex-pop superstar singer who just won’t be silenced………..

    A New World Order, who plans to destroy what God has redeemed……..

    All come together in a story of redemption that features faith, action, and a romance that bullets can’t kill.