FL Ciano

  • Digital Wilderness by FL Ciano

    0 out of 5

    Edward Phillips is at the height of his career at Virton Technologies developing cutting edge software systems for government contractors. His biggest stress is dodging the growing pressure he has been getting from Gabriella, his long-time girlfriend. She wants him to settle down, get married and have kids. Life is good, but is he ready for the big commitment?The stakes change drastically when Edward accepts a sudden promotion to the corporate headquarters in Boston, taking him away from his tough personal decisions while introducing him to the mysterious Human Augmentation Digital Interface project. At first, HADI appears to be the perfect software for the evolution of humanity, touted to help the disabled walk again, allow the deaf to hear and the blind to see.Then, Edward meets Noc. Suddenly, he discovers that this benevolent technology has a steep price and he is thrown into a lethal game of corporate espionage that leads to a nationwide manhunt for a deadly spy, a charge his enemies are intent to pin on him.Edward must sacrifice his freedom and risk everything he loves if he hopes to thwart Virton’s psychotic mastermind and save humanity from an insidious tool that will be able to control our very minds.”The new technology imagined in Digital Wilderness seems eerily similar to what exists today making the story frighteningly close to home. The characters and relationships are well drawn and believable. Both the plot and pace make F.L. Ciano’s first novel a compelling and enjoyable read.”