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  • Double Fantasy — Three Lives, Three Nights by Caelyn Alba

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    “If you had asked me anytime before that moment, I would have told you I had never thought about this before. I would have said that sharing myself as part of a threesome had never been a fantasy of mine, that it had never even crossed into the realm of things I wanted to try.

    “If you had asked me before that moment, I would have been wrong…”

    When her relationship with two close friends turns into something stronger, a university student finds herself caught up in a pair of unexpected liaisons — and then invited to be the forbidden fruit in a relationship between two men she hasn't had enough of yet.

    This 13,000-word erotic novelette is an explicit and graphically detailed story of romance and sexuality, exploring male bisexuality, casual encounters, first-time sex, and group sex. It is intended for adults only.

  • The Princess of Hearts by Jezebel Divelle

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    Kelly was once a sweet little princess. She’s still a virgin, but now she’s an 18-year-old spoiled brat. Her stepdad Mark loves her and even his cheating wife, but he’s getting tired of being the household ATM. When he invites a group of dangerous characters back home for a game of poker, he quickly finds himself in massive debt. 

    The thugs flash their guns and demand a turn with the hot schoolgirl Kelly if daddy doesn’t pay up. Luckily, Kelly is willing to wager her tight body to give Mark the chance to win back his money and her young heart. If he loses this risky game, his home will be robbed and Kelly will be taken by the gang. If he wins, his most taboo fantasies will come true, along with payback against his wife. 

  • Showing Her the Ropes by Anita Swirl

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    Young, untouched Aliyah is aching to find out what it’s like to be taken hard and without protection.

    Her mom’s new man is off-limits, but she is soon faced with his strong, muscular son, Ryan, back from deployment. The young man of the house is built like his dad, and once Aliyah makes it clear what she wants, he is willing to grant her wishes in a BIG way.

  • The Lawyer, the Virgin, and the Strip Search by J.C. Cummings

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    WARNING: This 8,123-word story contains graphic language, vaginal and anal fingering, oral sex, anal sex, and mind-blowing first-time sex involving a macho (and very unethical!) lawyer along with an absolutely gorgeous and innocent 19-year-old virgin who comes to his office seeking legal counsel. It involves exploitation and domination over a most submissive sweet young thing in a very tasty and titillating way! Intended for mature readers 18+ only!

    In this erotic short story, sweet and curvy Kelli Green finds herself at the office of attorney Sam Archer. She’s seeking help in bringing to justice a sleazy border guard who had performed an unethical cavity search on her following a visit to her grandparents’ in Canada.

    Little does she know that Sam Archer is, in fact, a bigger pervert than the border guard! Archer uses both his dirty mind and some smooth lawyer talk to convince her to submit to a reenactment of the strip search — on video! — allegedly to show to a jury in court in order to win their sympathy!

    Actually, what Sam Archer really wants is to frisk, fondle, and fiddle with every nook, cranny, and body cavity his shy and shivering client has … which he carries out in graphic and well-lubricated detail. And with his smooth, winning arguments, he quickly convinces her to submit to even more — much more — case closed!

  • The Professor’s Pet by Anita Swirl

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    Young, untouched Stacy has made it all the way to college without knowing what it’s like to be stuffed. Her curiosity has been recently stirred into a taboo desire, but she ignores it until the new semester begins, and she is faced with a burning desire for her hunky English professor.

    She’s a straight-A student and intends to keep it that way, so she ignores her urges until they overwhelm her, leading to a drop in her academic performance.

    The last straw for the incredibly hot, older man heading her class is when she turns in an important paper late.

    The professor lets her know she’ll get a B, an unacceptable score for the ambitious hottie.

    They agree on an extra credit assignment to ensure that she gets an A, and it involves something hard and raw.

  • The Decision by T.G. Wright

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    Grace Newell has never been touched by a man before. Many desire her, but she wants her first time to be special. She won’t allow just anyone to take her innocence. However, the man she longs for has never shown any interest in her. Offering herself to him is rife with complications. But in the end, the only thing she fears worse than rejection, is him saying yes.

  • Wet Spots: Quench Your Thirst by Amora Hartt

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    Variety is what you will get, with ten short stories, some start off frosty and heat up to dripping temperatures while others surround themselves in slippery situations, gushing to the finish.

    These short tales of sexual adventure take many watery forms, all are wrapped up in something drenched and dripping. Take a little trip with fascinating characters on chance meetings or with partners looking for new opportunities soak each other up in steamy sex and of course, trickles of romance.

    The Big Dipper: A late night rendezvous gone wrong put Ethan and Amy in an awkward situation but the anonymity of the night will make them brave.

    Off Track: A fun adventure in the solitudes of nature doesn’t turn out the way Beth was expecting and now she has to rely on the grizzly mountain man to get her out of the trouble – or maybe into trouble.

    Tap Out: The gym is the place she takes out all her frustrations – until the trainer presents some new challenges. She’s going to have to learn to fight dirty if she’s going to win.

    Out of Bounds: A gutsy Ski Patrol, a heavy winter blizzard and a steamy surprising night in a rescue shelter adds to an exciting day on the slopes.

    Surf’s Up: A lonely big kid on the beach meets a broken-hearted divorcee. Their love of the ocean is their common ground. Tensions rise like the tide and then the sparks fly. When it Rains, it Pours: Celebrating their twentieth anniversary takes Becky and Tom into the elements and out of their comfort zone. Sparks fly and even the rain can’t put out their fire.

    Silent Partner: All she wanted was her bottle of wine and to be left alone in her super sized soaker tub, but when she gets caught eavesdropping, her relaxing bathtub becomes an adventure playground.

    Shower Power: The sweaty fun on the beach leads two couples to the public showers and more drama than they were expecting.

    Mud Slinging: Insults fly and tempers rise, but these two neighbours find a way to settle their differences and to cool their jets.

    Going Solo: A freak hail storm and two complete strangers; one willing to bare it all and take all the risks, tempting the other out of their comfort zone – and into the wet zone.

  • The Virgin Swingers Club by Tia Rain

    0 out of 5

    At first, I thought it was his way of asking me if it was okay for him to cheat on me and have me watch, but the more I thought about it and the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to try fucking another woman’s husband, all the while having Paul watching me. It was awesome being first-time virgins again.

  • Weird and Wild Taboo Smut Box Set by Lexi Wood

    0 out of 5

    Want it weird? Want it wild? Lexi’s got you covered!

    In this collection of wonderfully wacky erotica, a sexy Easter Bunny needs help from the man of the house to lay her eggs (yes, her eggs!), a teddy bear takes charge of the college girl who shares his bed, a science teacher shows his geeky student the time of her life, a GILF puts her brand new implants to good use, and the piggish mayor of Hogtown gets pegged by a group of very creative sex workers. All this and more!

    If you like your erotica tame and safe, keep walking—this is not the box set for you. If you prefer your smut a little odd, a little off, a little quirky and strange, grab yourself a copy of Lexi Wood’s Weird and Wild Taboo Smut today!

  • The Letter A (The Erotic Alphabet Vol. 1) by Mindy Wilde

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    From Author Mindy Wilde – The first book in the Erotic Alphabet series

    As you would imagine this title contains a lot of steamy sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers and is intended for adults only. Ok, you’ve been warned so let’s bring on the heat!!!

    The Letter A (The Erotic Alphabet) is the first installment of the Erotic Alphabet series. This short naughty erotica story is 3700 words in length.

    Katie is desperate to figure out the perfect birthday gift for her boyfriend Nathan. Does she have what it takes to give him what he really wants?

    The Erotic Alphabet Titles:

    The Letter A (The Erotic Alphabet Vol. 1)

    The Letter B (The Erotic Alphabet Vol. 2)

    The Letter C (The Erotic Alphabet Vol. 3)

    ABC Omnibus (The Erotic Alphabet Trilogy)