First Time

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  • Her Client: Part 1 by Sally E. Xander

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    Angel, a straight A college student during the week, has always worked hard for what she has. With no financial help from her family, she works on the weekends as a nanny, but when that is no longer enough to pay for her expenses, her roommate gets her a job that has her working only a few nights a week. As a call-girl.
    Within a few weeks, everything is going great if not a little busy. Angel even has a repeat client that she likes. What she never expected is to be assigned her first woman client, Jane, or how a few hours with her would begin to tear down her preconceived ideas of sex and intimacy.

  • Destiny’s Plan by Victoria Saccenti

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    One empty bus seat. Two aching hearts. A future written by Fate…

    When Raquelita Muro’s overbearing mother rips her and her little sister away from their beloved Papa, one tiny, rebellious corner of Raquelita’s heart is grateful that the bus is crowded, and the only seat left is out of Mama’s sight. Next to a handsome young man.

    Matthew Buchanan’s beautiful traveling companion is more than something pretty to look at before he ships out for Viet Nam. Deep in her sad, whisky-colored eyes he glimpses a new dream to replace the ones he’s leaving behind. It breaks his heart to leave Raquelita in her tyrannical mother’s hands, but she gifts him with a token of love and a tender promise to exchange letters in secret.

    But their first, shy “hello” has reached the ears of Fate. Fate is in the mood to see how far it can push two lonely hearts—to the brink of temptation, desperation, and despair—before they break. Perhaps beyond any hope of healing…

  • Tricked by the Brat by Lana McRae

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    While the man of the house is away, the brat will play! Jess is a younger woman on a mission – to shed her “good girl” image before starting her first year of college. Always there for her whenever she needs saving, I come running to her rescue again after receiving a text. However, Jess isn’t acting like her usual sweet self. Instead she’s begging to be taken hard and without protection. Can I resist her feminine wiles? Or will my desire to fill her up win out?

  • Giving in the the Brat by Lana McRae

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    “Ty, do you know how much I really love you?” I blurt. I’m glad it’s dark and he can’t see my face because it just turned a thousand shades of red.
    Emily: I have always had a thing for Tyler. He was a little older, popular and oh, so cool. My admiration for him had grown stronger over the years, from an innocent crush to a deeper connection. Could I tell him? More importantly, should I tell him? There’s a lot to lose if I do.

    The young man of the house knows how to make an innocent young lady beg for more, hard and unprotected.

  • Hot Hitchhiker by Asher Ames

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    After a rough breakup with her boyfriend, the last thing Dana wants to do is drive cross country in the middle of a heat wave. But when the bi-curious cougar picks up a cowgirl runaway, the blacktop isn’t the only thing sizzling.

    Neither of these hotties has ever indulged their lesbian lust. But if they keep seducing each other, they might just find their cravings for older/younger action irresistible.

    Is a first-time lesbian experience their next destination? Will the LA lady bed the farm girl next door? Read this scorching-hot, steamy standalone to find out now!

  • The Tattooist’s Assistant by Jax Diesel

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    Can an extreme career change mean a complete life overhaul too?

    Lee has always done everything by the book. His controlling billionaire father had everything planned out for him, from taking over the family business to the woman he married, but Lee has had enough. He’s always felt something is missing and he wants to discover what it is. He needs to control his own life. He wants freedom. He wants to be a Tattooist. When Winston gives him a chance in his Tattoo Shop, how far will Lee go to push his boundaries and discover who he really is?

    When a sexy stranger walks into Winston’s Tattoo Shop can he keep control?

    Winston has learnt the hard and violent way not to tell people he’s gay. Barely surviving a vicious attack has left him wary and when feelings surface for his new assistant Lee, he knows better than to act on them. The guy’s married after all and it would be really unprofessional. But when there’s a hotel mix-up can Winston keep control or will sparks fly?

    This book is a steamy sexy exploration of first time Gay Romance, a tale of self-discovery and exploration, blossoming love and hot sex.

  • First Time Tricks and Treats (26 Stories of Halloween Hotness) by Nicola Nichols

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    ~From Risque Reads~

    These 26 innocent, inexperienced good girls have been saving themselves for someone special—the problem is, it’s Halloween. The temptation of their first times might be too sexy to resist when shifters, ghosts, and hot humans come to the door for candy.

    These 26 men want to go where no man has gone before. They’re hungry to mark their territory and fill these fertile fillies with the fruit of their loins.

    26 filthy, forbidden fantasies will be fulfilled. 26 sweet, little princesses will get every naughty thing they have coming to them.

    This is the ultimate First Times boxed set—where all your naughtiest dreams and desires are about to come true. 26 darkly delicious tales that push all the right buttons in all the wrong places.

  • Officer Stepbrother: Resisting Arrest by Arabella Abbing

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    I’ve been dating my boyfriend Danny for five weeks now and I’m finally ready to take our relationship to the next level. One night, I ask him to take me parking up at Harper’s Hill, the local make-out spot in my small town. Things start to get heated in his Camaro, but he pulls away every time I try to go further.

    When I demand an explanation, he finally reveals that he doesn’t even like me and the only reason he dated me at all was because of a stupid dare.

    Which makes it even more mortifying when a flashlight taps against the glass of the window and I exit the car in my half-dressed state to come face-to-face with the newest member of the police force; Officer Brent Jordison.

    My hot, alpha male stepbrother.

  • Omega of the Pack by Jade Rose

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    Cody doesn’t know what to expect when he joins a new werewolf pack where he’s the only omega, but he soon finds himself very attracted to his five new pack mates. His only problem is trying to choose between the five very sexy alpha males, unless he can find a way to have all five. (M/M menage erotica, 6500 words)

  • Bearly Cursed (Fairy Tales with a Shift) by Cara Wylde

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    A retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon

    Girls my age usually spend their days dancing, singing, and dreaming of Prince Charming. Not me. I spend my days hunting and praying my poor parents and my dear sisters survive another harsh winter.

    I never expected to find the solution to all my problems in the cave of the white bear I was hunting. My parents will never starve again, and my sisters will get to live that life of dancing and singing, but there’s a catch: I must become the wild beast’s wife. Giving up my freedom, accepting I’ll never feel the warm touch of a man… it’s all worth it for my family’s happiness. So, I let the beast lock me up in its icy castle, and I get ready for a life of boredom and sacrifice. However, when my first night in the white bear’s home turns into a passionate encounter with a mysterious stranger, I understand my life will be anything but boring.

    “Bearly Cursed” is a sizzling hot standalone novella that might just set your Kindle on fire.

    Approximate word count: 14,000 words

  • My Boss’s Wife by Kenneth R. Calloway

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    By the time they made it to the bedroom Rachel had shifted her attention to Alexis’ pussy while Tommy took her from behind. The metal rod in Rachel’s tongue sent shivers up and down Alexis’ spine as it traced her labia and dipped inside of her. She had already had two orgasms by the time Tommy pulled out of Rachel and switched to her. With Alexis on her back, Rachel rocked herself on Alexis hips to provide Tommy the opportunity to enter whichever mound he wanted.

    Rachel ran her fingers between the two of them and massaged Alexis’ clit while Tommy thrust into her. Periodically Tommy switched from one pussy to the other but Rachel only stopped massaging Alexis’ clit to add more lubrication from her own mouth or one of their twats. Alexis couldn’t believe how attuned was to her own needs. She seemed to know instinctively when Alexis could take no more and needed just a moment of rest before she should start again.

    Tommy pulled out of both of them and lined up to slide his tool right between the two of them without entering either. Rachel retracted her hand and used it to support her above Alexis on the bed. As Tommy’s shaft slid between their two pussies and bumped against their clits together both of the women began to shudder. As they climaxed together Alexis felt Tommy’s warm wet load splash onto her stomach.

  • Taking My Naughty Neighbor by Helen K. Knight

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    “Umm…your hands feel so good!” Sarah moaned as Linda released her suction from Sarah’s warm, wet lips. Linda wanted to get a quick taste of Sarah so she slowly slid her hand down Sarah’s stomach until she reached her clean shaved, slippery, wet pussy lips.

    Linda softly ran her two middle fingers up and down Sarah’s juicy pussy lips until her fingers were coated with Sarah’s sweet juices. Sarah moaned in ecstasy from the soft gentle, rubs of Linda’s fingertips gliding softly over her swollen, wet clit.

    Just as Sarah was about to open her legs wider to allow Linda’s silky fingers to enter her throbbing wet pussy, Linda brought her hand back up to her mouth and slowly licked and sucked all of Sarah’s sweet pussy juice from her dripping wet fingers.

  • Lesbian Virgin by Skylar Dove

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    She shudders as her heart thuds against her breastbone, teasing her brain and mind into submission. She can’t take her eyes off the semi-nude muscular male form dancing before her hungry eyes. She barely hears the gasps from the audience, mostly female but a few males are peppered amongst them.

    The bass from “Light my fire,” vibrates the audience’s feet as all eyes are glued to the screen.

    Cadence drops her hand from her popcorn bucket to her skirt. Seconds later, she slides her buttery fingers along the outside of sopping panties and lets out a moan. Oh God, I hope no one heard me.

    Glancing around at her closest neighbors, Cadence grins as she spots two women grasping each other’s breasts and licking their lips. Their eyes never leave the man’s gyrating hips on the screen.

    His bulge is larger than normal. Cadence stifles a giggle as an image of a sock in his crotch flashes through her brain.

    The young man on the screen yelps, as he slides his hands through the velcro on his tight leather pants, releasing them from his sweaty legs. Swinging them over his head, he tosses it to one of his admirers in the audience.

    For a second, a dozen hands fly up as each woman in the theater is sure he’s tossing them to her.

    It takes Cadence ten seconds before she realizes it’s just the damn 3D glasses doing their job. She snickers and goes back to munching on her popcorn.

    “Are we going to party tonight, or what?” he calls.

    “Hell yeah,” a female voice on the screen and in the back of the room responds.

    Cadence glances back over at the two women just as the larger one slips her hand down the blonde’s pants.

    The blonde gasps and leans into the reclining seat allowing the bigger woman better access.

    I came to watch the movie. Cadence finds herself unable to take her eyes off her neighbors.

    Blondie squeezes her breasts together before letting out a row of soft whimpers. Her hips gyrate against the woman’s pumping hand.

    Letting the popcorn bucket slide to the floor, Cadence slips her own hands into her panties. Her eyes slant as she lightly slaps her lovebud just as the blonde gasps with the first of several orgasms.

    The blonde clutches the seat while biting her bottom lip, daring not to scream out in ecstasy.

    Bright colors flash before her eyes and inside her brain, Cadence whispers yes as her own orgasm overtakes her mind, body and soul.

    Seconds later, a small hand slides along Cadence’s thigh.

    “Ah!” Cadence brings her seat upright, as her hands rip from her underwear, tearing the soft fabric. Her face is inches from Blondie’s. The woman’s blue eyes look deep enough to swim in. Cadence’s heart skips a beat before racing wildly. Small beads of sweat swim down her cheeks and splash down her blouse.

    Blondie tweaks Cadence’s hardened nipples.

    Cadence groans and leans back. Make her stop, you’re in public. Make her stop now. She grins as these protests race through her brain. She reaches over and slides the blonde’s hand closer toward her crotch.

  • Hailey’s Virginity: A Young Woman Has Her First-Time Sexual Encounter With Her Long-time Crush by Lisa M. Rose

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    Now Josh stood naked in front of me.

    “How do you like it?” he asked.

    I took his cock in my hands and stoked it gently. It was hard, but silky, and unbelievably big. The head of it was soft and smooth. I’ve never seen a penis in real life. The only sexual education I had was to browse the Internet from time to time………..

    I stated jerking him slowly, and Josh suddenly moaned. I pressed harder.

    “Oh yes,” he whispered.

    Then I started moving faster and faster, pausing and touching the head of his cock with the tips of my fingers. I wanted to try it with my tongue, but wasn’t sure how to do it or if it was appropriate. Josh closed his eyes and moaned once more.

    He wasn’t looking at me, so I decided I can try. I kneeled, without letting his cock go, and kissed its head gently. Josh opened his eyes.

    “Oh Hailey,” he groaned.

    I thought it means I can go on, so I touched his cock with my tongue, licked its head and then put the whole thing into my mouth. Josh clutched my hair to direct me. I was moving fast and slow; stopping and then continuing. I tried hard to hide my teeth not to harm Josh, and I did well.

    “Yes, damn yes!” he cried. “Oh Hailey,” he suddenly moved away. “You need to stop it, or I’ll come. Now it’s my turn.”