Filth Monger

  • Falling from Grace by Annabel Chant

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    How far would you go to claim back your fantasies?

    When Grace Anderton's boyfriend betrays her in the most public way possible, he takes everything – even the dark fantasies which have sustained her. In a tail spin, she sets out to get them back, whatever the cost.

    Enter the Filth Monger. Heir to a fortune and criminally handsome, he can have any woman he wants…and he wants Grace. But he has his own agenda. Head of a secret organisation dealing in depravity, his life is going to shit around him. As he struggles with his own betrayals, he makes it his mission to save Grace from her one-woman ride to ruin – whether she wants him to or not, and by any means necessary. Even if it means throwing away the chance of having her for himself.

    But who is the Filth Monger? What does he really want…and why does such a beautiful man go by such a sleazy title? Find out in Annabel Chant's gripping new series. If you like your romance steamy, with hot, flawed characters and pulse-pounding suspense, you'll love Falling from Grace.