Fictional Romance

  • Nurses’ Romance: Laurie & Andrew by Jane John-Nwankwo

    0 out of 5

    This is a great start to a unique story. It moves quickly and the characters are easy to relate to, so it’s a great read if you aren’t looking for an epic adventure to hold your attention for days. And it looks like there are future books to grow the plot.One thing I love about this book is that the main character has had an exceptionally rough life. She is struggling to raise twins born following abuse by her uncle. She kept the children and lived with her parents who were very supportive. But after a failed relationship—the first time she opened herself to love—she decides to escape her hometown and strike out entirely on her own. It’s after taking this giant leap that she meets Andrew. It doesn’t get much harder for the leading lady than that in the romance genre. I really appreciated that a book has such a strong character with such a difficult past. I’m not someone that can get into the flimsy damsel-in-distress stories. I need characters with substance. The leading man has some depth as well.