Fiction - Western Historical Romance

  • Beyond The Fields by AJ Foster

    0 out of 5

    Her New Life in Arizona …“Mark, we’ve already been through this.” At the turn of the 19th century, Lily is in a rut. Her parents have recently passed, and her brother is the only family she has. It’s time for a big change – ANY change.

    “Dear Ms. McNearly…” A letter from Luke calls for a bride from New York. A successful man, Luke lives out West and yearns to fill the hole in his heart. He envies his pals around him – the laughter of their children, the love of their wives. It’s time for a family of his own.

    “We are to go!” An excited Lily responds to the letter and takes one bold move. Did She make the right choice? How is Lily settling into her new life – and more important is she safe from the ruckus which plagues her day after day. Find out in this Western Historical Romance.

  • Town Of Life by A J Foster

    0 out of 5

    The Forgotten Path Repaved…

    Kim Rodgers spends her lonely days in her apartment after her husband and best friend betrayed her, leading up to her new status as a depressed divorcee. One night she dreams that a letter arrives for her, offering her a new life in Montana during the early 1900’s. As a mail-order bride, she would have a chance to start over with Jonathan, a ruggedly good-looking pharmacist, building her life in a town framed by the Rockies and surrounded by the tall grasses of the prairies. The dream is a nice escape, but Kim’s life takes an even more bizarre turn when the actual letter arrives in her mailbox. On a whim, she takes a vacation trip west to check out the ghost town of Buckley where Jon lived and died. As she retrieves a souvenir stone from the center of town, she steps into the very real, living past and discovers that the letter has taken her out of her old, miserable life, and into a new one rich with possibilities. Yet even in this fantasy world of the past, perfect happiness doesn’t last long. A notorious gang of murderous outlaws has slain the mayor and the sheriff, and is holding her new love hostage. Can Kim rally the skeptical locals behind her plan to rescue Jon and save the day? Or will yet another of Kim’s dreams slip between her fingers and disappear forgotten in the dust of the Old West?