Fiction - Scottish Historical Romance

  • Return to Scotland by William Newell

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    It’s been three years since John and Katie visited Glasgow and vanished into ancient Scotland. Their marriage, once on the rocks, is much stronger than ever before. Katie has decided she’d like to go back and write the story of what had happened to them. As part of her research, she visits the place her family the Cathcarts come from – Cathcart, Glasgow. When they visit the graves of Katie’s most ancient ancestor, a strange haze comes over both, bringing them to a time and place neither had suspected. The Highland Clearances (1820) finds both Katie and John lost and separated. They discover Katie’s ancestors were oppressive Lowlands landlords whose task was to clear off the lands, while John is whisked away to the actual Highlands. Katie’s task is to help her father in the clearances themselves to coordinate the movement of families away from their traditional lands to the Scottish coast. Naturally, John’s family doesn’t want to move and Katie is horrified by what she sees when she gets there. What happens to these two lovers turned opposing parties? Will they come together and break through the oppressive nature of Katie’s historic parents? What happens when they are reunited and how will they ever make it back to present day? Find out in this heartwarming Sequel of this Scottish Historical Time Travel Romance series.

  • Walking With MacBeth by William Newell

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    The Experience Of A Lifetime…Through A Chance Encounter

    Brayden is a former NFL caliber linebacker who now teaches Anthropological Archaeology at his Alma Mater, the University of Virginia. His entire adult life has been spent either clashing with people or studying them on digs around the world. Now, he has finally saved up enough money to realize his lifelong dream of traveling to Scotland, home of his ancestors.

    Dr. Alyssa Neal is a beautiful young professor of History at the world renowned University of Chicago. Up for tenure, she decides to take a break from the daily grind of grading papers and fending off crude attempts to sleep with her from her male students. She travels to Scotland for a few weeks in the summer to indulge her love of Medieval European History in a country she knows little about. A chance meeting brings these two American Historians together at the registration desk for the Premier—Glasgow Hotel. A series of events forges their relationship in fire, leaving them stranded in another time where they must assume the identities of nobles long dead, as they fight for the truth and their own lives.

  • Into The Renaissance by William Newell

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    Life in the 2020s has meant domestic calm and tranquility for the Duncans. John and Katie moved to Scotland a decade ago to embrace the fact they were bound to the land, mysteriously drawn back to their past for more than sight-seeing purposes. But in 2031 as the first strands of grey appear in John’s beard and in Katie’s long, red hair, they feel a desire to see the world on the high seas. On their way back to America and Chicago to visit family, tragedy strikes – John goes missing and is presumed to be lost at sea. As Katie grieves, she is shocked to discover she’s been thrown back in time to Renaissance-era Scotland.

    On her search for her family during this time and era, Katie uncovers the shocking truth of who her benefactor really is.