Fiction / Humourous

  • Uncommon Bond: The Remarkably Funny Adventures of a Truly Uncommon Friendship by Penny Jorgensen

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    Uncommon Bond is an uproariously funny story that chronicles the unlikely friendship between a quick-witted, cursing, cantankerous, chain-smoking 96-year-old named Addie, and her timid, idealistic, thirty-something neighbor. Episodic in format and told through the eyes of the naive neighbor, each chapter takes readers on a riotous ride, turning the most ordinary daily occurrences into case-studies of contrasting personalities and unpredictable outcomes. Although heavy sentiment seems better left to more serious works, the story of this hilarious friendship is all heart. Readers will watch as Addie, adventure by adventure, teaches our narrator how to really live for the first time in her life. If you enjoy the best of belly laughs and turns of phrase that will cause you to giggle at the most unlikely of times, you will love Uncommon Bond.