• Fifty Shades of Tinsel, Vol. #1/Heartthrob by Kirk Alex

    0 out of 5


    Jimmy Riff, a well-endowed preacher’s son whose life is adrift, stopped off in Hollywood on his way to Oregon in search of a lost love––instead found himself trapped by LA’s sleazy underbelly.

    Now he’s a gigolo, dubbed James Kidd by his tough-guy manager Benjamin T. Styles and forced to do the pimp’s bidding by sleeping with Hollywood honchos, both male and female, to further Styles’ agenda of scoring a serious movie role. Jimmy is his meal ticket to stardom, and he intends to exploit him.

    A life of debauchery, encountering an endless parade of kinky users and sadistic abusers, leaves Jimmy unfulfilled. He desperately seeks a way out. A beautiful young woman at a sleazy Valley party just might be the answer to his dreams…if only he can get the relentless Styles off his back.

    Intended for mature audiences.

  • My Boss, My Lover by Rachel Pierre

    0 out of 5

    Julia thought her boss was beautiful, brilliant and bad to the bone. A single mom, she had been drawn to his type but had always been burned. She knew if he so much as touched her, she would fight whatever lust came into her heart.

    But then one morning, it was just the two of them in the office.

    It felt so right. The casual glances and smiles, the occasional extended touch, these things had built over time because she wanted them to. She found herself thinking about him more and more.

    He stepped behind her.

    And she felt his strong hands massaging her shoulders…

  • I Married A Whore by Robert Pierce

    0 out of 5

    I am a normal guy. And I thought I had a normal wife. Until one day I caught her having sex on-line. And I found I the kind of woman I married.

  • After The Rain by Rachel Pierre

    0 out of 5

    Beth has prepared weeks for her wedding anniversary. But when her husband is caught cheating with the office secretary she falls into a vortex of depression.

    Driving away into the biggest storm of the year, her car careens out of control and she crashes into a ditch.

    Out of nowhere, a man stops to help. And when she looks into his eyes, she realizes that she may have found her savior, both in life and love…

  • Throbbing Meat by William Scott

    0 out of 5

    Some friends engage in sexual activity in an adult movie theater for money

  • Shameless Sins: An Anthology of Delightful Debauchery by Steffani Skye

    0 out of 5

    CAUTION: Contains explicit scenes of consensual adult sex, including fetishes and BDSM.

    Shameless Sins is a short-story anthology guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Settle down by yourself or with your favorite partner(s) and delve into the following delightfully debaucherous stories of shameless sins:

    Welcome to the Family – Jane finds her submissiveness tested in ways she hadn’t imagined.

    Lemonade – A playfully spilled drink leads to some playful discipline.

    Dominion – Jessica meets her new Master for the first time.

    A Dark and Stormy Night – A chance encounter breathes new life and excitement into a steamy marriage.

    Fullest Extent of the Law – Lina fulfills a fantasy as an anniversary gift.

  • The Breeding Barn by Daisy Williams

    0 out of 5

    When aspiring journalist Claire Clover visits a country farm to write a lifestyle piece, she gets a lot more than she bargained for! The first surprise is the mysterious farmer – wild and otherworldly with eyes flecked with gold. Then there’s the barn – filled with sunlight and strange temptation, and an intoxicating golden dust that fills the air and storms Claire’s senses. Soon she forgets all about her story and becomes focussed on just one thing: giving in to her own desires and becoming the farmer’s submissive breeding cow.

  • Dorothea’s Feet by William Scott

    0 out of 5

    Story of a call girl/dancer who pleasures with her legs and feet

  • The Arithmetic of breasts and other stories by Rochelle Potkar

    0 out of 5

    This cluster of 7½ literary short stories presents to you the romantic-sexual facets of: Narain who lusts for Munika, hypnotized by her bosom in The Arithmetic of Breasts, and old Jaganlal who wants a favour from young Dia in The Room with a Sea-view.

    Jackie who is in love with Nic in Sky Park, and the surgeon in Dr. Love who is changing much more than Sneha’s hairline, nose, lip and chin.

    Shonali and Neel who are realizing that infidelity might not be such an easy thing in The Scent of a Conscience, and a woman who walks the tight rope between tradition and sexual exploitation in A place they call Scary.

    And, Sunil who meets the woman of his desires in What Men Want through an adult dating site.

    Through these stories, Rochelle Potkar explores the intensely personal ‘unrelationship’ that exists alongside its conventional twin, the relationship.

  • Outcall by Brittney Luv

    0 out of 5

    The mind blowing sexual adventures of Phoenix Fantasy Consultant Brittney Luv. For the last twenty years I made the sexual fantasies of others come true. This is my collection of true sexy short stories. I invite you to live vicariously through me as you read what goes on behind closed doors in the underground sex scene in modern day Phoenix Arizona.

    Warning, all fantasies are told in graphic detail.

    So get ready to laugh, cry, get pissed off and pissed on.

    Welcome to my world,