female submission

  • My Very Naughty Photographer by J.C. Cummings

    0 out of 5

    WARNING: This 6,500-word story contains mature subject matter, graphic language, and first-time sex involving a shy 18-year-old student who has her school yearbook portrait taken by a gorgeous young photographer who is so charmed by both her sexual beauty and sweet, innocent personality that he eventually coaxes her into being photographed nude. This leads to sensual and sassy first-time sex for her and the erotic thrill of having a virgin open her legs for him. Intended for mature readers 18+ only!

    Eighteen year-old Chelsea Wheaton hates having her picture taken. Mean classmates have teased her for years about her weight and given her the wrong idea about her body and its attractiveness. She cringes at the thought of having her picture taken for her school yearbook. But when she arrives at the studio of photographer Mark Damien, his charming, disarming personality not only loosens Chelsea up enough to bring out her best smile, it ultimately loosens her up enough to let him photograph her nude and finally … to submit to sex with him.

    But Chelsea doesn’t feel exploited one iota. Shy and self-conscious though she may be, the fact that Mark truly does find her beautiful and sexy — which no one has ever done before — gives her all the reason in the world to allow him to be the one with whom she can lose her virginity … as well as her now outdated and self-debasing view of herself as a real woman.

  • My Very Naughty Handyman by J.C. Cummings

    0 out of 5

    When Allie Bateman goes after a man, she goes after him! So, when she realizes that her condo is in need of major upkeep she hires handyman Rick Preston.

    And Rick is one hot guy.

    Allie wants him and she wants him bad. She begins a stealthful campaign of enticing him while he works. But Rick is also one very-focused-on-work guy. No matter what Allie offers… he ain’t biting.

    Not until she crosses the line with a desperate scheme to get him in the sack with her. Then she finds out the hard way that, no matter how naughty she may be, her randy handyman is naughtier!

    WARNING: This 8,000+ word story contains light BDSM and mind-blowing sex between a gorgeous young fix-it guy and a gorgeous, young, and very horny woman. It is intended for mature readers, 18 or over.

  • My Very Naughty Piano Teacher by J.C. Cummings

    0 out of 5

    WARNING: This 8000-word story contains bare-bottom spanking and sex with a beautiful female piano student and her lovable, though titillatingly sex-starved teacher. It is intended for mature readers 18+ only!

    Amy Radcliffe loves playing the piano. She also loves her teacher, Mr. Sullivan and enjoys her lessons with him immensely … even if he does have trouble keeping his hands to himself. In fact, she even enjoys giving the shy, lonely man a little thrill every once in a while, whether that be a flash of thigh or a touch of her titties.

    But with a very important and exciting performance looming, her lovable teacher grows exasperated and angry with her sloppy playing and gives Amy a very humiliating bare-bottom spanking right there at his piano. Amy is appalled — and turned on — by her first-ever dose of corporal punishment. But in the end (so to speak!) it inspires her to work harder and Amy gives the performance of her life.

    Afterwards, Amy and Mr. Sullivan celebrate with sex right on top of his beautiful Steinway grand piano. But Mr. Sullivan is no ordinary lover. He treats Amy to the most mind-blowing musical/sexual experience of her life … culminating in a delicious threesome between himself, Amy … and the Steinway!