Female businesswoman

  • Definition of Craving – Book Two of the Definition series by Lia Peele

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    Love. Lust. Longing … and so much more

    Scarlett Trent is a woman who is in control. She’s a successful business owner, a contender for the North East Businesswoman of the Year Award, and a woman of means. She knows who she is, what she wants, and where she’s headed. That is, until one extremely handsome distraction… someone from her past … throws her heart and mind into a tailspin.

    Dev Jackson is the embodiment of alpha male. He’s got nothing to prove; it’s there in his smile, his attitude, his swagger. He sees life through a rainbow coloured lens and that’s just fine with Scarlett.

    Life wasn’t always easy for him. He’s known hardship and experienced bigotry at close hand. The creator of three identities, managing three successful careers, he’s making sure he’ll never return to those days.

    When they reconnect, Scarlett shows him how to be simply Dev and they soon become each other’s favourite pastime. Together they’re stamping their souls into a relationship that fits them.

    Their obsession with each other grows stronger every day but Dev’s past constantly tests them, especially
    when the mysterious Demeter won’t leave him alone.

    He wants to move on, but his past won’t let him.
    The people he left in his wake?
    They can’t let him go. Don’t want to let him go.
    And these people? They’ll go to any length to persuade him to stay.
    Just watch them try …

    Will his past indiscretions drive a wedge between them or will their undeniable passion keep them together?