Felicia Rogers

  • Amelia by Felicia Rogers

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    The measure of a man is not what he’s worth, but rather what is in his heart…

    Amelia Beaumont would like to capture Charles’ attention – and his affection. She’s fairly certain he returns her feelings. But for some reason he seems distant and uninterested, and even more so after he delivers a kiss she won’t soon forget.

    Far from being indifferent to her, Charles yearns for Amelia in every way. But he’s hiding a secret, one that, should she discover it, will prove to her once and for all they can never be together. Because to his mind, love isn’t enough if he can’t provide for her the way she deserves.

    Can Amelia reach through Charles’ barriers to show him that love is, indeed, all they need? And if she can’t, whatever will she do?