fairy tales

  • Once Upon a Twisted Time: An Adult Fairy Tale Collection by Jess Haines

    0 out of 5

    Are you ready to dive into a world of *brand new & exclusive* fairy tales where your beloved stories are retold with a twist?

    In this collection, new thrills are woven into the fables we know, both classic and modern. Uncover unexpected changes to old treasures, and fall in love with new adventures to explore.

    From Cinderella to Rumpelstiltskin, The Mad Hatter to 12 Dancing Princesses, come find your unique favorites as these authors unleash diverse experiences of magical creatures in their wicked contemporary and paranormal romance worlds.

  • Call of the Lost by S.M. Silsbury

    0 out of 5

    Marella’s felt the call of the lostlings at the dark edges of the city: the lust and the loneliness, but she’s always stayed safe behind the boundary wall.

    Now, she’s desperate. The stories say that there are riches in the Spire. Some say gold. Others say jewels. Or it’s a simple wish granted. The only thing that is agreed on is that the only way to find out is to catch a lostling.

    Catch a lostling. There’s only one way to that, and she’s willing, but she doesn’t count on the lostling catching her. Marella finds herself being drawn deeper into the lostlings’ dark and erotic world to places she never knew existed, and experiences she would never have imagined.

    Soon, she has to make a choice. Lose her love, or become lost herself.

  • The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion by Rosetta Bloom

    0 out of 5

    In this grown-up version of the famous fairy tale, Princess Adara is running from her old life and a forced betrothal. Adara wants love and passion, but knows she can’t get them back home. When a raging storm halts her escape, Adara seeks refuge in the first dwelling she sees.

    Prince Richard is tired of the trite, vain, frigid princesses his mother introduces him to in hopes he’ll marry. On this stormy night, he’s in the mood to love a woman, but he’s all alone.

    Adara arrives on the castle doorstep, saying she’s a princess in need of help. The queen is doubtful and decides to lock Adara in a room with a pea to determine if the girl is as royal as she claims. Richard believes the beautiful, charming stranger, but he wants her locked in a bedroom for other reasons.

    When Richard and Adara hook up, there’s more than a pea-sized bit of passion involved….

  • Red Hot Shorts by Camille Towe

    0 out of 5

    Five naughty stories in one sizzling volume! Includes two of Camille Towe’s filthy fairy tales.


    Full Metal Jack-it


    Gotten Eve Eaten

    Goldilocks Sucks Cocks

    Horny Hansel and Greedy Gretel

  • Grimm’s Erotic Fairy Tales, Volume 2: The Brave Prince by Delilah Marx

    0 out of 5

    When you’re a brave Prince and you grow bored with your kingdom, what else is there to do but set out for adventure? But between being pinned by a Giantess and being tormented by vicious She-Devils, he might discover that he isn’t so brave, after all!

    The three steamy fairy tales in this collection make for the perfect slice of naughty bedtime reading!

    This collection includes:

    The Brave Prince – In which a King’s son is made the play-thing of voracious she-devils.

    The Beautiful Musician – In which a cruel and buxom fiddle-player seeks a new companion.

    The Iron Stove – In which an adventurous Princess makes an erotic bargain in the forest.

    This 6900+ word collection contains:

    Princes and Princesses!

    Sex with demons!

    Beastly Wolf-Men!



    Oral sex!

    Anal sex!


    Lesbian sex!

    “Grimm’s Erotic Fairy Tales” is adapted from the original text of “Household Tales” by The Brothers Grimm, as translated by Margaret Hunt.

  • As You Wish, a Cinderella story & erotic romance by A.Violet End

    0 out of 5

    Annora is willing to do anything to save her father from the dark eros of an evil witch-mother and two demonic step-sisters. It’s a perilous task, battling such awful magic, but she doesn’t have to face danger alone; a fairy man waits to make all Annora’s wishes come true–for a price. This is not Walt Disney’s Cinderella, dear reader. This is As You Wish, a Cinderella story from author A. Violet End.