• Reluctant Girlfriend: The Thugs’ Sex Demand by Peter Speed

    0 out of 5

    The choice is stark: either your boyfriend goes to prison or you agree to become a sex plaything for a twisted gang of thugs.

    That’s the nightmare facing curvy blonde Sophie Nicholls.

    A late night punch-up between Sophie’s boyfriend Kev Houseman and the drug-dealing gang has major repercussions for everyone involved.

    Having filmed the violent outburst, the manipulative gang make an offer to the couple: they’ll take the incriminating phone footage to the police – unless Sophie agrees to submit to their perverted desires.

    With Kev serving a suspended sentence for another violent assault, he would certainly face prison if he appeared in front of the courts again.

    It leaves Sophie facing the unthinkable – agreeing to the gang’s sordid deal and their degrading demands.

    Sophie will do anything to keep her lover out of prison – but does she realize how far she’ll have to sink to do so?