• The Life and Death of a Guardian Angel by D G Leigh

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    If you enjoyed “The Time Traveler’s Wife” or “Ghost”.

    Lose yourself for a couple of hours in this heart warming story of fated soulmates.

    “The Life and Death of a Guardian Angel”

    An adult adaptation of my very successful short story.

    A romantic tale of time travel, mystery and angels.


    A colonial teenager, Caleb, saves the life of a Native American princess but pays the ultimate price in the process. Alone he spends the next 300 years shifting from body to body. Wandering the world, heroically saving others in peril.


    Investigative journalist Dianne Morgan has been tracking the man who saved her life twenty-eight year ago, he hasn’t aged a single day since that accident. Digging deeper into his past she reveals an astonishing history spanning three centuries. It can’t possibly be the same man that has entered her life again.

    Wrapped in Caleb’s arms, she’s about to embark on an extraordinary journey beyond faith and reality.