• Jenny Unleashed, Volume 1: A Hotwife Story by Bart Tracer

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    Ken is a successful professional with a naughty secret. From the day he first met his beautiful wife, Jenny, he has gotten a secret thrill from watching her interact with other men, imagining things going further. Nothing excites him quite as much as the thought of her in the arms of another. Naturally, he has never breathed a word of this to her.

    When the couple decides to take a long-overdue vacation in Florida, neither of them suspect that this will be a trip that changes their lives forever. Far away from family and friends, a series of events leads Jenny to suspect her husband’s hidden desires, culminating in a late-night confession that shakes the very foundations of their domestic world.

    Once the cat is out of the bag, where do they go from there? Should Ken try to convince her to forget everything? Chalk it up to temporary insanity? Or will they dare to take the plunge and explore the forbidden world of hotwifing together?