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  • Back to school by Adam Bennet

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    Jason returns to work in his hometown after completing his college degree, to be close to Janet, the English teacher he fell in love with when he was at school. He hopes that he can have a relationship with her, but is devastated to find that she has divorced her husband and is now in a relationship with another woman, Alice.

    Undeterred, the three begin to socialize with each other and soon both women find that they are attracted to Jason.

    Janet decides that she wants to be with Jason, but is reluctant to tell Alice. She confides in Jason, that she doesn’t believe that Alice is a lesbian and has been deluding herself. She believes that Alice is straight and only needs to meet the right man. In the meantime Alice has also confided in Jason, telling him she thinks that he could make Janet happy. But there is a catch. And in order to get Janet, Jason must first satisfy the lust of Alice.