erotica for men

  • CRUISE-CONTROL: CAN YOU? XXX Erotica Short Stories MEGABUNDLE Volume One By Udolph Singh by Udolph Singh

    0 out of 5


    This 64,000 plus words Erotica eBook, contains 22 Mega Short Stories, with explicit sexual descriptions, adult themes, harsh language, and sexual content not intended for the below twenty one. It is intended for 21 + readers only. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

  • WANTS by Ana Lee

    0 out of 5

    This hot and steamy short story is the perfect quick fix to curl your toes and indulge your inner fantasies.

    Cassidy is a fun loving woman who wants to have it all, except for one thing, Jared Hollister. But once she finds herself pulled into his world, she begins an erotic journey of self-discovery that unravels all of her opinions about him.

    The more that Cassidy learns along the way, the more she wants to know about this dark and mysterious man that she loves to hate. But, at each turn she’s left with more questions than answers. Will she discover the mysteries that lie within? Read and find out…